Self-Awareness to Professional Development Nursing Free Sample Essay

Personal Nursing Philosophy

This paper seeks to explore the subject of my philosophy in nursing. The first part of the paper will explain in detail my philosophy of nursing that reflects my life’s values. The information will be of help for those who wish to become a nurse, as well as the difference he or she will make. The second part of the paper includes a poem communicating the reasons behind my nursing career. This will be an in-depth reflection on the values. Lastly, the study paper will discuss how the CNO standards are connected to my values. In nursing, knowledge is the central part of success. Every nurse needs to be acquainted with diseases and their processes. For one to be successful and effective in this field, he or she must be able to apply the theoretical knowledge gained during classes to the workplace. In nursing passing exams cannot be enough to classify a person as competent in the field. It involves a practical application being the application of the gained knowledge.

Reasoning holistically, continuously anticipating the needs of the patient, and prioritizing health care issues are necessary for a nurse. More so, a lack of proper time management skills and poor organization in this profession will be detrimental, especially with the daily duties one has on different shifts. My personal belief in nursing has also been compassion and caring getting this from dealing with people who need care and support in hospitals. Connecting with patients on an emotional level is more salient than the physical connection.

Reasons for Studying Nursing

Why I Study Nursing

I study all hours of the night

I put up such a strong fight

I do all these because one day I will celebrate a new life

And one day I will help a family not to mourn

It makes me have the strength of mind and bravery

It teaches me how to handle my disappointment

Some people will curse or bless me

But every day will teach me something new

Reasons why I love nursing

And I put more effort into my studies

Because one day, I will be a Nurse

To help people like you and me

Philosophy of Nursing and Professional Development

When growing up, I always admired the nurses in their white uniforms and caps that I saw in movies. Over the years, my perception of nurses has changed and having chosen the nursing career, I now understand what nursing entails. It is not just about a person in uniforms but someone who can make a difference in another person’s life. To me, nursing comprises such traits as a kind heart and love conveyed through the expertise required to offer surroundings that sustain curing. My philosophy is that this can be possible by anyone as long he or she can offer care and sustain another person. Competent care alongside set guidelines will make one a successful and effective nurse. In the nursing field, everything is never the same.

Every day we come across different patients and different situations that make us learn more every day. My efforts to study are to help me in my future career as a nurse and be of help to other people. For competent services in the health care system, I will need to know the nursing sector, being the reason I studied nursing. It is hard to face the demands when caring for patients daily without the solid foundation of a personal ideology. Time management, respect, advocacy, and honesty are the four matters that any human deserves to have and are particularly essential in the health care field. For this to be done, a nurse will need to have respect, honesty, advocacy, and proper time management.

Competent caring is paramount in my approach to nursing so that I can fulfil my calling as a nurse. My values go well with the College of Nurses standards, which aim at protecting the patients’ interests first. Time management ensures the nurses attend to the patients first before any other business. Being caring and compassionate towards the patients comes with the nurse’s conduct and knowledge. My values in regard to the nursing field will improve a person’s competence and lead to better services in the health sector. Overall, it calls for personal devotion and vast knowledge for one to be competent as a nurse (College of Nurses of Ontario, 2006).

The standard of maintaining boundaries under the CNO connects with my values in nursing. Under this standard, nurses have the duty of successfully creating and sustaining the boundaries in the nurse-client relationship. Through the value of patient privacy as a nurse, I will be able to maintain and set proper boundaries within the relationship. Through this standard, the patient will be able to know the limits of their relationship and not undermine the judgment and objectivity in the therapeutic nurse-client relationship. In addition, through knowledge and trust between the client and nurse, the relationship will have boundaries and hence a proper and efficient provision of services.


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