Family Nurse Practitioner Career Goals Free Sample Essay

As a family nurse practitioner, I have a unique combination of both nursing and medicine skills. I chose this profession because it offers me a chance to serve others and also exercise professional independence. I can hold authoritative posts and make independent decisions. My profession assures me of authority, independence, and job satisfaction. It offers me a challenging opportunity because I will be providing a variety of services to my clients including writing prescriptions, diagnosis and treatment of various infections and injuries, conducting physical checkups, evaluating diagnostic tests, acquiring medical histories, and advising people to adopt a healthy lifestyle, among other tasks.

As a Family Nurse Practitioner, I plan to take care of my patients at the clinic and in other settings such as home, school, hospices, health centres and workplaces, depending on their wishes. Even though I plan to provide my services to the whole family, I will mainly practice in paediatrics because I love working with children. Children are innocent and defenceless and I hate seeing them in pain. It will be my pleasure to be the one to take their pain away and put a smile on their faces. Moreover, the children are our hope for the future and therefore, their health is of paramount importance. When children have a strong health foundation, they are likely to grow into healthy adults. I am a very compassionate, understanding and gentle person with great communication skills, and I am sure that will help me in dealing with my patients.

I plan to provide a wide range of services to my patients including doing diagnostic tests and evaluating the health of the patients and their medical history. I will also prescribe medication based on the diagnosis. Besides, I will be performing physical examinations and preventive screening tests in order to identify any patient risks and deal with them. Moreover, I will be actively involved in a reassuring and enlightening the members of the public about the need to adopt healthy lifestyles. Furthermore, I will gather information in order to understand the health needs of communities and families and take appropriate action. As I plan to deal with children, I will be involved with planning the care of children with their parents and treating childhood illnesses. I will also emphasize the importance of preventing diseases, especially from an early age in order to have a strong health foundation. Moreover, I will always be ready to answer any health-related questions that my patients may have.

As a Family Nurse Practitioner, I am qualified to serve the healthcare needs of the whole family. This speciality offers me flexibility as I am not limited to serving only a specific type of patient. I am expected to serve clients of all ages, including children, adolescents, adults, and the elderly. However, my main focus will be on serving young clients. I will be dealing with infants, children and adolescents. I will be involved in treating childhood diseases as well as teaching children how to take care of themselves and live healthy lives. Moreover, I will enlighten the parents on how to take care of their children in order to minimize illness, as this affects their growth and development.

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