Epistemology In Nursing Free Essay Sample


Epistemology is arguably one of the most important courses in nursing. This is because it is based on the core fundamentals of humanity, which is thirst for knowledge. I have gone through different levels of learning where importance of knowledge has been emphasized but the emphasis and depth of learning about knowledge has never been as rigorous and robust as in PhD level. Certainly, I began the semester with little knowledge about application of epistemology in nursing. I had much anticipation and set goals of what I anticipated to achieve from the course. Throughout the learning period, I have learned a lot concerning importance, origin, application, and development of knowledge in nursing profession. This is an elaborate personal evaluation of current status in epistemology in nursing profession.

Learning Objectives

Although I have been a nurse since 1992, I have learned a lot more about epistemology in nursing this semester than in my entire career as a nurse. At the beginning of the semester, I had anticipated learning about the development of future of nursing knowledge, and satisfaction in the quest for knowledge. My goals included analyzing nature of knowledge in nursing research and education, exploring the nature of the epistemology field, and utilization of nursing epistemology.

Progress Evaluation

Undeniably, epistemology is a very wide subject. Many theorists have approached the concept of knowledge in different dimensions. In general, theorists try to approach knowledge using different natures and domains of knowledge. Grand theorists arguably have the widest approach on epistemology by looking at the macro interpretation and application of knowledge. Meta theorists approach epistemology by having a broad approach. Middle and micro theorists have very fine and focused line of thinking about knowledge and its application. All these theories have an important application in nursing. However, grand, middle, and micro theories are more profound and applicable in nursing.

Perhaps the most important area of personal learning and understanding of epistemology is on fundamental patterns of knowing and knowledge development. Though I had very little understanding of the same at the beginning, I have profound knowledge, which was achieved through participation on seminars and wide reading of course materials. In the nursing field, four fundamental patterns of knowledge as proposed by Carper do exist. These include ethics, empirics, personal knowledge, and aesthetics (Carper, 1977). I gained profound knowledge on the relationship between ethics in nursing and knowing as well as some of the basic philosophical arguments such as consequentialism and deontology. I had not thought that knowledge about “self” had so much impact on quality of nursing. Arguably, Self-awareness, personal reflection, and professional experiences count towards effective and efficient knowledge development particularly in nursing. Aesthetic knowing is a core prerequisite for effective nursing as it enhances meaningful course of action.

Understanding of knowledge development particularly in knowledge patterns has revolutionized my way of practicing nursing. I have come to understand and appreciate the importance of self-knowledge as a key to quality nursing. This has prompted me to reevaluate my self-knowledge status and devise a course of improvement. I have a great foundation in experiential knowledge gained through my career as a nurse. However, room for improvement still exists. I have gained a lot concerning aesthetic knowing and certainly, I will endeavor to establish new mechanisms of improving on the same.

The most important thing I have learned is that “curiosity generates knowledge.” Nursing professions should always develop quest for knowledge and understanding of various concepts of knowledge applied in nursing. Profound understanding of knowledge and its application in nursing will go a long way in enhancing better judgment and evaluation of situations in my career as a nurse. In addition, it will improve my understanding of the realities of life and thus be in a better position to explore the world of nursing through reading, work experience and most importantly, through research. This will enable me to make a meaningful contribution not only to the nursing field but also to the world at large.


I must admit that the course on epistemology in nursing was one of the most important courses I have ever learned. I only had the foundations in knowledge mostly gained through my profession as a nurse. However, the course was worthwhile as it enriched my understanding of epistemology and its application in nursing. Previously set objectives were exceedingly achieved. I am certainly in a better position to improve my efficiency and effectiveness as a nurse and make a meaningful contribution in nursing field through work and research.


Carper, B. (1977). Fundamental patterns of knowing in nursing. University Microfilms.