Lion’s Employee Engagement Ways Of promoting Positive Engagement


Lion is a top food and company in Australia which manufactures soy beverages, beer, wine brands, yoghurt, juice, cheese and some of New Zealand’s favorite milk. The company has about 7000 employees, both in New Zealand and Australia. Lion encourages employee engagement in the company which it believes to be very vital to the company’s success (“Lion,” n.d.). This paper will begin by defining the term employee engagement, discuss other ways that can promote positive engagement to an organization, then compare an Australian organization that invest in employee engagement to Lion. It will also discuss other means that can improve employees’ engagement conditions.

Employee engagement

Employee engagement refers to the extent whereby employees are very enthusiastic about their work, characterized by high levels of commitment to the organization, and more productive (Gruman & Saks, 2011).

Key strategies to ensure positive employee engagement

An organization can ensure positive employee engagement through building the capabilities of leaders from all levels of the organization to enhance effective leadership which encourages employees to share ideas and as well contributes by new processes and ways of working. For example, Lion believes in authentic leadership that allows all the stakeholders to establish long-lasting relationships (“Lion,” n.d.). Another strategy is by promoting diversity and talent management. For instance, Lion has incorporated a diversity of thought strategy into its constructive culture by training leaders for unconscious bias as well as ethical decision-making (“Lion,” n.d.). 

Lion Vs. DHL Express

DHL is a shipping company that operates in Australia and internationally (“DHL,” n.d.). To promote employee engagement, DHL Company has implemented people-centric leadership, use a two way communication, employee appreciation through gifts as well as training and development to engage talent. Lion promotes employee engagement through authentic leadership, researching on main drivers for people’s engagement, identified 10 Behaviours That Add Value (BTAV) that are practiced, through training and development, mixture of various learning experience and encouraging gender equality.

Other ways to improve employee engagement

Other ways lion could improve conditions for engagement are; through employing effective group learning strategies. Putting more focus on employee engagement at all organizational levels. Through coaching managers and making them responsible for employee engagement. By definition of engagement objectives to all stakeholders in realistic terms (Gruman & Saks, 2011).


Lion’s success is significantly attributed to its employee engagement culture. The encouragement of employee engagement makes employees give their best in contributing to the company.