The Responsibility of Professional Nurses Free Essay Sample

Professional nurses are tasked with the responsibility of creating and sustaining a culture of safety within their areas of work. This is achieved by concentrating on placing several governing boards that talk of safety measures within areas where care is offered. Secondly, the idea of evidence-based management as well as effective nursing leadership is essential in fostering a culture of safety. To sustain the culture, professional nurses identify adequate staffing as a proper recipe for the perfect sustenance of a safe culture. Nurses also focus on the provision of unending erudition and clinical decision making support for the nursing personnel. Methods that advance interdisciplinary cooperation have also been considered to be very efficient too. Work design routines that guard against exhaustion and precarious work as well as a very fair system of error reporting analysis, feedback process and good rewards for overall patient safety are regarded highly in professional nursing towards improving the culture of patient safety (Hughes, 2008).

The type of environment that a nurse operates in could determine the quality of care that is accorded to a patient. To promote a safe environment and avoid blames arising from errors, nurses have to ensure that their working conditions are up to standard and that they lack nothing. For instance, they should insist on adequate resource allocation as well as the institution of proper policies and standards so that there is shared responsibility and not a case where they have to take responsibility for every shortcoming coming their way (Hughes, 2008).

The path took by nurses towards fostering patient safety is very significant. It is likely to bring great changes in the nature of responsibility that nurses have to take on. In addition, the overall patient care improves in the long run as proper measures and tactics operate towards bettering service provision of health care by the nurses.


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