Advertisements Comparison And Contrast Free Essay


In our day-to-day lives, we come across various advertisements from different companies. To attract more consumers and concurrently increase sales, companies tend to use advertisements. Advertisements are a beneficial technique for businesses (Weijters et al., 2017, p.117). However, for the advert to be effective, it needs to be creatively designed. In the ice coffee drinks category, companies have significantly invested in advertisements to woo consumers to purchase their drinks. This paper will focus on three advertisements of the following companies; Farmers Union, Barista Brothers, and Dare. The paper will compare and contrast advertisements of these companies and then use a conceptual framework to evaluate and determine the strongest advertisement.


One of the similarities between Farmers Union, Barista Brothers, and Dare is the use of catchy statements that grab the consumers’ attention. All of them have chosen their words carefully and creatively, which have a compelling hook. Farmers Union’s advertisement has used the phrase “Before Work Drinks”. This is a brief and catchy statement that grabs the consumers’ attention quickly. Moreover, the phrase is written in a bright white color that is easy to notice. The use of white color in texts is very useful in catching consumers’ attention (Truong et al., 2010, p.712). The advertisement also has various colors, which are eye-catching. Different colors have been used to create emphasis with an aim of drawing the attention of the viewers to the product being advertised. The image of the product being advertised and the catchy white phrase have popped out in the advert, which is easily noticeable and can grab attention. For Barista Brothers’ advert, the three words “thumbs up” grabs the consumers’ attention. These words have popped out of the statement, bolded and capitalized, which makes it attractive. The image of the older man intends to grab the attention of elderly consumers. Dare’s advert, it manages to grab the customer’s attention by use of colorful texts placed on a dull background. This background makes the words pop out and attractive (Reeves, 1961, p.11). Generally, all the adverts grab attention in the form of texts whereby some words have been bolded and larger.

In terms of clarity, Farmers Union and Barista Brothers’ advertisements are similar since they are simple in clarity. The texts used are simple and easy to understand. Dare and Farmers Union advertisements are also similar to freshness and familiarity. The two advertisements look fresh and lively due to their colorful and appealing looks. Another similarity is noticeable across all the advertisements in terms of intent to solve a problem or seize an opportunity. Farmers Union tends to take an opportunity in their advert by emphasizing consumers to purchase their ice coffee or nothing at all if they fail to (Dafonte-Gómez, 2015, p.12). Barista Brother seeks to seize an opportunity through their advert by claiming that it is approved by those who know. This creates curiosity among new consumers and will lead to purchases. Dare seeks to solve a problem for consumers by claiming through its advertisement that its product fixes consumers’ stress.

In all three advertisements, it seems the target audience is the elderly and working people. Farmers Union’s advertisement effectively addresses the target audience through the statement “Before Work Drinks.” It effectively connects with the working audience that they should take this drink before going to work. This advertisement is addressing the consumer need for energy to work. It seeks to provide power and strength for the consumers before they get to work (Pereira, 2018, p.6). This advertisement is motivating by how it claims that the consumer would instead buy nothing if they fail to purchase this product.

Barista Brothers’ advertisement targets the elderly and working people. This advertisement connects with its audience through the image of the old man in the advertisement. The message being communicated is that their iced coffee drink is the best and approved by those who take it. This advertisement is addressing the consumer need for energy to work and energy to strengthen older adults (Taylor, 2009, p.4). The advertisement is persuasive through the sense of humor it has in the text and the claim that its product has been approved by those who know. Dare’s advertisement also targets the working population. This advertisement connects with its audience through the text “when your place is all over the head a dare fix’ll fix it.” This statement implies to the audience that this drink helps to relieve work pressure or stress. The consumer need it is addressing is work pressure and stress. The advertisement is persuasive through its statement claiming that the drink will fix the consumer’s needs.


Barista Brothers’ advertisement tends to be less attractive as compared to Farmers Union and Dare’s advertisements. Its advertisement is dull, and uses one color and faded text. This reduces its ability to grab attention. The other two advertisements are colorful and use different colors in their texts. In Farmers Union and Barista Brother’s advertisements, some texts are large enough to read easily, and some texts are small in size and hard to read while for Dare the texts are in large and moderate sizes that are easily read. In terms of clarity, Dare and Barista Brother’s advertisements have displayed their iced coffee drinks clearly with their names easily noticed while Farmers Union the name of their product or the company’s name cannot be seen in the image of their product (Taylor, 2009, p.4). Another difference is that Barista Brothers’ advertisement’s target audience is mostly older adults while Farmers Union and Dare mainly target the working population. Farmers Union tends to motivate its audiences while Barista Brothers and Dare tend to persuade their audiences.


In conclusion, Dare’s advertisement appears to be the strongest. This can be drawn from the conceptual framework for studying the effects of advertising. Dare’s advertising inputs are excellent (Ramaprasad et al., 1995, p.185).  The message is well displayed and communicated to the target audience. Different colors have been used to display the contents clearly. The planning of the media is top-notch, avoiding texts and images overlapping.  Unlike the other two advertisements, Dare’s advertisement has standout to portrays all the contents. First, it has a dark background which makes the texts and images clear and catchy. Every content in the advert is clear. The message it is intended to communicate is clear. For the filler, Dare advertisement has met the intention of the qualities of motivation, ability, and involvement. Motivation is evident in the advert as it tries to motivate its audiences so that it can fix their needs. The ability of the advert to motivate and persuade consumers is portrayed by the message conveyed in the text. Involvement is evident in the advert in the manner the advert connects with its audiences. The advert connects with the audience through the text message “when your place is all over the head a dare fix’ll fix it.” Dare’s advertisement understands the consumer needs which is to relieve workload pressure and stress. This advertisement seeks to address these consumer needs. This advertisement is also likely to influence consumer behavior in terms of use, selection, loyalty, and preference. The message in the phrase “when your place is over the head a fix’ll fix it” is very powerful and has her chances of influencing consumer behavior.