Our Free Sample Persuasive Essay On Pill Testing

Part 1: Persuasive Essay
Pill testing seminar

May I call attention to a critical issue that we as a community are facing? I am writing this specifically to draw your attention, concern, and action to a matter of great importance. I am deeply concerned and worried at the same time that our lives are under threat. Our students’ lives are in danger of succumbing to an overdose of illegal drugs. There have been rampant incidences of illicit deaths caused by an overdose of illicit drugs such as MDMA and amphetamines among other illicit drugs during Australian Music festivals. It is so sad to lose a young life. Today’s youths are the leaders of tomorrow’s generation and we need to protect our youths from losing their lives at a tender age. We cannot keep on losing our students and we must act against it. Our economy is an aging economy as there are more aged people working and it is important to protect the young students as they are the perfect replacement of our aging economy to be a more productive economy. We should, therefore, advocate for the reduction of the drug-related harm that some students undergo when in music festivals.

The Australian Government is, therefore, calling for pill-testing at the music festival. This pill testing is targeted at students especially those attending the music festivals at Canberra. All students are encouraged to attend the pill testing event that will be conducted by an independent consortium of health groups. Most importantly, everyone that participates in this pill testing event will not be subjected to any threat of legal prosecution. No one will be an arrest, no matter what the test results are. This is an important public health event that is aimed to reduce drug-related harm. The purpose of this pill testing event is to test and also educate the students about the dangers of overdosing these illicit drugs that they buy in the streets. The testing does not condone illicit drug use but rather aims at providing an opportunity to encourage individuals who consider taking illicit drugs to take measures by modifying their individual behavior in the manner that minimizes the risks of harming their health. However, some critics are criticizing that this pill testing will be ineffective. This event has become a controversial stirring heated debate in the media. We, therefore, invite all concerned citizens to a seminar to discuss the pill testing event. Is pill testing effective or not? And what is its importance? Join us in our seminar to share more about it. The event is free and most students are welcomed.

Part 2: Report

This persuasive message is based on the controversial topic about pill testing event on students in music festivals. It is intended to attract people especially the students to attend the seminar which will discuss more pill testing and its significance. The persuasive message is intended to reach students in all parts of the country. To attract the attention of the public especially students, it will be important to set an agenda for debate in the public. Social media such as Twitter and Facebook will be used to set the agenda and notify people about the seminar. The television, radio and the newspaper also shall be used. To make it more effective and make a big public influence, we shall exploit the expertise of public communication professionals. These public communication professionals will reinforce this event by pushing public discussions in both social media trends and debates in the media. Below is the message that will be posted to the public through the media and social media;

Attention! Attention! May I draw your attention to a matter of public concern. Our students’ lives are in danger of succumbing to an overdose of illegal drugs. There have been rampant incidences of illicit deaths caused by an overdose of illicit drugs such as MDMA and amphetamines during Australian Music festivals. However, the Australian Government is calling for pill-testing at the music festival. A pill testing that does not seek to prosecute anyone but rather, encourage behavioral modification when handling illicit drugs. Some have disagreed with this measure while some agree. To get a better understanding, students are welcomed to a seminar which will discuss the pill testing.