Celebration of Knowledge About American History


This semester, it was all about history. I learned a lot about history, mostly about American history. I like history, therefore attending history lessons and learning about American history was incredible and very enlightening. In this semester, more emphasis was on race, ethnicity, and gender. I was able to learn a lot of information which enhanced my appreciation for other races, gender, and ethnicity.  The process of learning about this was interesting making history lectures to be more interesting. In the course of this study, some of the topics stood out. Some were interesting while some were shocking. Therefore, this paper will discuss the aspects that I found interesting or shocking.

Columbian exchange

The most interesting thing that I learned is about the Columbian exchange. This topic really caught my attention such that I got to grasp a lot of information about it. I was taught about the Columbian exchange in my first lecture. The Columbian exchange is simply defined as the transmission of non-native animals, diseases, and plants from the Europe region into America and back to Europe as well. This was so interesting since it was the most significant event in contemporary world history. Specifically, what was interesting is the manner in which commodities were exchanged between Europe and America including diseases. I was a bit shocked that even diseases could be traded. This topic is very important to my understanding of American history because it helps in explaining the reason why India collapsed as the European colonies became powerful after the arrival of Columbus. It shades knowledge about how Europe countries became the wealthiest and the most superior. It also shades knowledge about the reason for African slavery and the reason why they had to be sold.  In short, understanding the Columbian exchange is very important in the forces shaping the world that we live in.

Consumer revolution

The second interesting aspect is the consumer revolution. The consumer revolution is the period of 1600 – 1750 particularly in England which was characterized by increased consumption of luxurious products by people from various social and economic backgrounds. This is the period where the disparity arose among people as the gentry secluded themselves through their products, purchases, and display of goods. What I found interesting is the fact that during this period, the consumer products connected the colonies with Great Britain in an intangible manner. The supply of consumer goods increased significantly to meet the demands of the luxurious lifestyle that the people had adopted. It was interesting that the luxurious consumer products were purchased by all people regardless of their economic or social background they belonged to. The influence was incredible. The understanding of consumer evolution is very essential as it helps to understand the genesis of consumer behavior toward luxurious products. It helps in enhancing more understanding of American history from the Native American time period to the market revolution.

Atlantic slave trade

The third thing that shocked me is about the Atlantic slave trade. This topic was about slavery which I learned in my 4th lecture. I got to learn that the Atlantic slave trade is normally referred to as the initial system of globalization. The Atlantic slave trade entailed the sale and transportation of African slaves mostly to America using the routes of the triangular trade. This form of trade offers a dramatic instance of the consequences arising from the precise intersection of history and geography. This was the worst tragedy in my life that really shocked me. The acts of inhumanity and high levels of oppression were based on race and ethnicity. The conditions and the oppression that the slaves were put through are really heartbreaking. I could not stand how they were misused, sold, and forced to work in voyages in European companies. Understanding slavery was very important because it was part of American history and understanding this particular topic helps to shape my understanding of American history fully by getting to know how slavery began and what enhanced it.


To sum up, learning American history has not only been interesting but also so informative. It has enabled me to understand more about races, ethnicity, and gender which have ultimately enabled me to know a lot. I did not know much about American history and given that I have learned a lot about it I can now relate to the modern United States. I now feel knowledgeable and more competent when it comes to American history.