Obese Black Women as “Social Dead Weight” Article Critique Essay

ARTICLE CRITIQUE: Strings, S. (2015). Obese Black Women as “Social Dead Weight”: Reinventing the “Diseased Black Woman”. Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society, 41(1), 107-130.


Strings sought to research abnormal obesity and black women’s risk of death. She focused on examining whether black women have a minimal risk of death as compared to white women with the same body mass indices. Strings’ central claim is that the risk of death resulting from anything among black women is alleviated with an alleviating BMI of 25.0 or more, which is the same as that of white women. Spring’s findings after the research prove to be contrary to the literature that exists. According to the literature, black women are healthier at heavyweight, unlike white women who tend to be unhealthy at a more substantial weight. I feel that the author has supported his thesis by giving vivid examples to prove that social-economic, as well as environmental factors, pose an equal risk to both black and white-heavy women. To support her thesis, I agree with the way the author asserts that one of the main factors driving the increase in weight and poor health is low-income among women.

Essentially, Strings has established a good thesis that highlights her main topic of discussion. I simply agree that the author has provided adequate supporting evidence to prove her points. I am also impressed by how Strings has provided medical evidence accompanied by statistics showing the health records of both heavier black and white women. I find it impressive how the author has given a head-to-head comparison with statistics to prove her point. It would be a fallacy or unbelievable to give a point without proving it with concrete evidence. Moreover, I feel like the author has systematically presented her arguments. She has stated her arguments, then followed with statistical data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and placed examples where appropriate.

The author’s analysis is top-notch as she has begun by stressing the variance among black people and also the variance among black people. I feel like the authors have left no stone unturned by critically evaluating every risk of death for obese black and white women. The author analyzed the two variables which are obese black women and obese white women separately then made a comparison before she arrived at her conclusion. Another strength of the author that I find interesting is that she has focused on researching one disease associated with weight gain one by one. This is important in laying focus and contributing to collecting the right findings. I like the way the author has also drawn some literature to support his arguments. This makes the author’s arguments realistic and sensible. The fact that the author keeps referring to health records and data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, makes her arguments look realistic. This adds weight to her thesis. The author has also made a number of references to credible print media such as the New York Times. I think this is incredible since it adds credibility to her arguments and findings. I also feel that the author has achieved the objective of the study because of the vivid backup of her points and systematic analysis which makes the research valid. I feel like the authors have also used appropriate literature which has set a foundation for the research. The authors have also effectively applied examples to support their claims. This adds credibility to their study.


To sum it all up, the author has maintained her consistency and focused on the main topic of discussion. The author has made sure that she addresses all aspects. Therefore, I agree with the author’s thesis that the risk of death resulting from anything among black women is alleviated with an increasing BMI of 25.0 or more, which is the same as that of white women. The author has given her best to prove her point. She has given clear examples, systematic analyses, and head-to-head comparisons which support her thesis to make it sensible. As a result of her incredible work, I am convinced and agree with her thesis. This article is an incredible piece of writing I would give a thumbs up for the good work done.

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