Mamma Mia Mobile Marketing Strategy Free Essay


Mamma Mia is an Italian restaurant that has been operating for ten years in Limerick, Ireland. The restaurant prepares Italian delicacies for their customers to enjoy. The restaurant has been successful due to its hard work and paying attention to detail. The restaurant is unique as it prepares its food in an old-fashioned way using simple ingredients which they value so much. The restaurant has made some progress by launching a website as well as an online store for selling its products which include; cooking oils, craft beers, their new cookbook as well as pasta sauces.  Therefore, for the online business to be successful, the restaurant needs to promote and market it.

However, the restaurant has not been conducting marketing in the previous ten years and the company now feels it is the right time for launching the online business as well as developing an online presence, emphasizing its attention on social media marketing. Therefore, it is appropriate for Mamma Mia to develop a mobile marketing plan in order to successfully develop its online presence and promote its online business.


This report, therefore, presents a mobile marketing plan for Mamma Mia. It outlines a detailed mobile marketing strategy for Mamma Mia and also a precise implementation schedule that will take six months – from May 2020 to October 2020.