The Family Eat and Drink Party Free Essay


Every member of the family gathered around the barbeque beef, John picked a fatty piece and savored the sweet and salty meat which he had long missed. Picking up another rich-beefy piece, John was handed a glass of blended strawberry juice and he immediately helped himself to a mouthful of it as his mouth was filled with the sweet flavor of strawberries as he had his first gulp traveled down his tongue to the spine. Opposite him, was his sister Joey who was engrossed in her ice-cream and she was lost in the rich creamy sweetness and it could almost be felt as it melted in her mouth.

Across the table, their father was biting deep into a piece of roasted rib he held in his hand. An unbridled ancestral appetite for meat was ostensible from his face as he took another warm bite as the salty flavor of beef engulfed his soul. Opposite him was the grandmother who had already eaten to her fill and had poured herself a glass of aged wine which as she gracefully took assured them that it had the perfect amount of tannin and grape flavor to sate her appetite for sweet and sharp tasting wine. The munching, bone-crushing, meat-peeling and gulping were palpable to any passerby.