Unemployment in Australia Free Essay – Melbourne and Queensland regions

 Analysis of Unemployment in the Australian Economy 


There are a significant variance and disparity in unemployment rates among the regions in Australia.  Melbourne region is determined to have the lowest unemployment rate while Queensland region has the highest unemployment rates.  Melbourne regions have 9.5% unemployment rate while Queensland has 67.1 unemployment rates (BROTHERHOOD OF ST LAURENCE, 2018). The difference in the unemployment rates in these two regions is due to the varying level of response to labor markets, microeconomic reform as well as inferior labor market performance. Melbourne region labor performance’s success leading to low unemployment rates is determined to be because of factors such as high level of market participation, high rates of job growth as well as the availability of several labor market programs (BROTHERHOOD OF ST LAURENCE, 2018).

Queensland, on the other hand, is characterized which low levels of market participation, job growth and also less labor market programs. Educational attainment is another cause of variance of unemployment rates between these regions.  It is determined that Melbourne has a high number of university graduates as compared to Queensland, thus resulting in the difference in the unemployment rates (Coase & Wang, 2012). Another cause of the difference in unemployment rates is the availability of amenities. Melbourne region tends to have more public amenities and government infrastructures which contribute to the availability of labor market programs and job opportunities, unlike Queensland which has fewer amenities. 


In both states, The Employment and Labor Law have played a significant role in contributing to the variance in the unemployment rates of Queensland and Melbourne. This law has stipulated the terms, conditions, and requirements for employment (Ozcan, 2016). This includes education attainment which may hinder some individual for securing jobs while others get job opportunities. Another term and requirement needed by the law in order to be employed is the age employment age. Most jobs do not employ the aged population therefore, a region with a high population of the aged than of a productive (youths) population will definitely have a high unemployment rate.