Analysis of Luna Convert Hotel Free Essay

Intended Strategy of Luna Convert Hotel

There is a need to motivate the Luna hotel staff by increasing their remunerations so that they put more effort into the work so that customer satisfaction is achieved. The amenities in the hotel should be added for clients and modernized, and these include restrooms, bars, a swimming pool, the parking lot should be extended, and the fitting conference halls within the premises (Neti, 2011). Luna Convert hotel will build its brand name amongst the foreign visitors by enacting a modern online marketing strategy in conjunction with travel agencies where foreign visitors are offered great deals. In the view to also boost the image and brand, Luna Convert Hotel seeks to partner with hotel reservation sites and professional reviewers where feedback programs and reviews will be initiated. This program will portend two benefits; advertising the hotel as well as building a strong image among the competitors. The hotel also intended to host indoor competitions associated with hotel practices such as pool game tournaments.


Politics: -Government stability -social/employment legislation -government policies on tourism and education -Taxation system  Economical: – discretionary income – Globalization – Rates (interest, exchange, unemployment…) – Taxes
Sociocultural: -lifestyle change -holiday taking ability -environmental pressure -seasonal unemployment -consumer behaviourTechnological: -online information sources(reviews, comments…) -customer information management -advanced techniques in managing the consumption of resources(water, electricity…) -smartphone apps  

Objectives and goals of Luna Convert Hotel

The following are three objectives/goals of Luna Convert Hotel;

  • Enhancement of client satisfaction by over 75 percent. This will be achieved enactment of seamless reservation services, provision of high-quality products and services, as well as accommodating them comfortably.
  • Earn the loyalty of the hotel staff by over 85 percent. Luna Convert Hotel will achieve this by ensuring that the workplace is safe for staff and providing the staff with reasonable remunerations.
  • Long-haul development. This is coined the sustainability practices, security, and growth. The hotel seeks to enhance the recycling of waste products and aims at increasing the utilization of renewable forms of energy. The hotel seeks to undertake proper security measures in compliance with the international standards. Further, it seeks to reduce the usage of energy especially in the lighting of the premises (Anderson et al., 2000).

Realized Strategy and Deviations of Luna Convert Hotel

A well-choreographed remuneration increase resulted in motivated employees and thereby, the hotel earned the loyalty of many happy customers. The hotel only managed to add a sizeable bar which accommodated a good number of clients. The hotel was well advertised within the online platforms such as reservation sites and professional reviews. The image and reputation were built. Luna Convert was able to enact an online reservation program which ensured a smooth customer service. The hotel held a successful pool game tournament which attracted many clients. The intention to modernize the amenities of the hotel proved very expensive. The foreign visitors’ travel agencies could not enter into a deal with the hotel since the agencies only marketed hotels within a certain threshold of standards and with certain amenities which Luna Convert Hotel did not have. There were a number of negative online reviews about the hotel some claiming that some divisions within the hotel were old and needed a refurbishment (Xie et al., 2014). Due to the changing dynamics in the market, Luna Convert Hotel’s competitors soon tact and poached some of the staff.