Manufacturing Employees In China Free Reflection Essay

Reflection Journal

Currently, many employees are attracted to easy and better-paying service jobs. As evident in China, employers in manufacturing and construction companies face hard hiring times as most employees are attracted by simple service jobs that pay better (Pi, 2019). This issue is practical as I have witnessed this happen in my home town. My brother had initially been employed in a local manufacturing company. He later quit and enrolled to be a sales delivery man in a certain fast-food hotel in the neighbourhood because he found the sales delivery job to be paying more than the manufacturing company. As a result, the manufacturing company faced a shortage in labour while the fast-food hotel acquired enough manpower.  Due to labour shortage, the manufacturing company experienced a decrease in its output thus failing to meet the consumer demands. Eventually, the manufacturing company considered coaxing manpower by increasing wages.

With regards to the normative theory, the fast-food considered the value of having adequate manpower from its employees by considering paying high wages to its employees as a strategy of retaining employees for an effective and sustainable output production that meets the consumers’ demand (Lesson 1, Slide 9). On the other hand, the manufacturing company initially focused on valuing the amount of profit it makes rather than investing on its employees in order to retain the employees so as to achieve more output production that meets the consumer needs and as well gives more profit (Lesson 4, Slide 9). With regards to the positive theory, the manufacturing company’s reason for paying low wages to its employees could be because of the company’s policies in place (Lesson 1, Slide 9). Every big company has policies that have been set and has to be followed; therefore, the manufacturing company must have been following the set wages to be given to its employees. Additionally, the manufacturing company may have been exercising loss minimisation by trying to minimize its operational cost including lowering its labour cost. However, this strategy they employed in to promote loss minimization turned out to be ineffective as it discourages employees leading them to quit and also driving away talented employees away thus creating labor deficiency (Lesson 5, Slide 11).

Reflection Paper Format

The format of a reflective essay greatly differs from the argumentative or research paper. A reflective essay is more of a well-structured story or a diary entry that’s rife with insight and reflection. You might be required to arrange your essay using the APA style or the MLA format.

And the typical reflection paper length varies between about 300 and 700 words, but make sure to ask your instructor or employer about the word length if it was assigned to you. Even though this essay is about you, you should try to avoid too much informal language.

If your instructor asks you to format your paper in APA or MLA style, here are a few shortcuts:

Reflective Essay in MLA Format
  • Times New Roman 12 pt font double spaced;
  • 1” margins;
  • The top right includes the last name and page number on every page;
  • Titles are centred;
  • The header should include your name, your professor’s name, course number, and the date (dd/mm/yy);
  • The last page includes a Works Cited.
Reflective Essay in APA Style
  • Times New Roman 12 pt font double spaced;
  • 1” margins;
  • Include a page header on the top of every page;
  • Insert page number on the right;
  • Your reflective essay should be divided into four parts: Title Page, Abstract, Main Body, and References.

Reflective Essay Outline

To start organizing your reflective essay, take a look at your brainstorming table. The ‘past experience’ and ‘description’ should constitute less than 10% of your essay.

Your introduction should consist of:

  • The hook: grab the reader’s attention in a short preview of what you’ll be writing about.

Example:We found Buffy head-to-toe covered in tar, starved and fur in patches, under an abandoned garbage truck.

  • Thesis statement: The reflective essay thesis statement should include that ‘past experience’ information; a brief statement of what your essay is going to be about.

Example:That summer’s volunteering experience at the animal shelter inspired me to pursue this type of work in the future.

The structure of body paragraphs is best discussed in chronological events. Answer the bold questions in the ‘reflection’ section of the table; this should naturally create a linear storyline.