SafeRyde Company Description Free Essay

Company Description

My company is an Australian based privately owned travel management company called SafeRyde. This company operates in a business travel industry. The company mainly sells its services. Generally, the company provide tour guide services and travel plans to tourist attraction site for its customers. SafeRyde is a flexible company which offer tourism and travel services at affordable rates. The company gives the customers the opportunity to choose their own convenient time and duration of travel as well as specific tourist attraction sites they want to visit. The company provide well establish and coordinated plans. Additionally, the company makes it a priority to meet the needs of its customers by offering complete suite services which include: corporate services, holiday and leisure services, travel pricing and incentives. The company focuses on making travel management convenient and stress-free for tourists since it is equipped with adequate and competent staff such as tourist guides to provide all-inclusive services. 

The company is in the business travel industry. My team comprises of three people. Each one of us manages different parts of the company which include financial management, amateur exhibitions and the client’s role in advertising. My main responsibility mainly entails managing the company’s advertising design and publicity. Building and maintaining the company’s image largely depends on advertising. First, I will focus on establishing the company’s unique brand that is catchy and attracts customers. I will choose the company’s brand to be “luxury and convenient tour guides”. I will start a serious and extensive campaign by use of full-page ads in various parts of the world to raise awareness and promote the company and as well set up a memorable brand image. To publicize the company, the advertisement is critical but I will ensure that I choose the right and appropriate advertisement media. Since in this generation social media seems to be the most effective media of advertisement on the global scale, I will advertise through various popular social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. This will promote the publicity of the company. Moreover, I will mobilize various bloggers to assist in advertising our company in their blogs as it will help in exposing and publicizing the company.

Moreover, to ensure that the publicity and reputation of the company are maintained. I will be responsible for conducting marketing analytics by developing front-end analysis of the demographics within the industry and customer population in order to monitor and get a good understanding of buyer trends and capturing the biggest possible market worldwide. I will also ensure that I produce quality leads by investing in marketing and identify the appropriate customers for the company. This will enable the company to convince and build trust among new customers to purchase its services. The reality is that the travelling industry is very competitive. For SafeRyde to succeed, the company has to be unique and offer quality services. The pricing of the services offered will be relatively cheap and affordable. Also, the company’s publicity is important, constant and adequate advertisement needs to be maintained.

Actually, SafeRyde Company offers services that are not limited to any specified group of customers. We consider our customers to be anybody from various professions and diversity who wishes to go on holiday vacations to tour tourist attraction sites. Either old or young, rich or poor, female or male, we provide our services to all that needs our services and have their dream places to visit. In essence, SafeRyde does not have any disparity and focuses on providing equal services that are of high quality to its customers.