Sea Turtles Conservation Status in China Free Essay


Sea turtles are facing threat of extinction due to human behaviors that have significantly reduced their population. This issue has raised a big concern as human behavior tend to continue to significantly affect sea turtles population thus prompting a research question; Have human behavior caused sea turtle population decrease in recent years? This research question seeks to identify human behaviors that impact sea turtles which will therefore determine measures to undertake that will minimize or eliminate human behaviors reducing sea turtles population. However, in the article by Simon Kin-Fung Chan and his team of authors, they seek to review the conservation and population status of sea turtles in China. The research question of this article is; what is the current status of the conservation and population of sea turtles in China (Chan, 185)? It seeks to determine the present situation of the population of sea turtles while recommending intervening measures that will ensure China’s effective management of sea turtles.

The authors argue that sea turtles are migratory species therefore effective conservation measures is not attainable if concerned parties along the migratory routes do not cooperate (Chan, 186). In essence, exchange of information, technical intervention support as well as cooperative research are required among governmental agencies, research organizations and the international community at large so as to facilitate sea turtle conservation. Obviously, these deficiencies are the key hindrances blockading sea turtles conservation measures both at the national and international level.

Like other species, China’s sea turtles are facing severe human threats for centuries. The threats entail pollution, direct harvesting of sea turtles, fishery bycatch and habitat degradation. Several sea turtles are often slaughtered exceeding the required number (Chan, 191). Nesting turtles and sea turtles eggs are harvested to be consumed form nesting site like Gangkou and Xisha Archipelago. Additionally, set-net fisheries tend to be the major source of bycatch. Sea turtles caught accidentally are slaughter or sold to be used in religious ceremonies (Chan, 191). Serious environmental degradation have occurred specifically disruption of the coastal marine environment, involving nesting sea turtle’s habitats and foraging (Chan, 192). The increasing development and population growth rate in china has caused serious pollution to the coastal ecosystems resulting in the reduced number of sea turtles.

The authors opted to use literature review as information gathering method. The authors used literature review from scholarly resources and research reports government and relevant research institutions to acquire information. Evidences have been presented in form of graphs, charts, maps and tables to back up the argument presented by the authors. Moreover, numeric of the sea turtle population and human population estimations have been presented as evidence in support of the arguments. Previous statistics of sea turtles have been evidently presented.

In essence, this article is very useful in my project since its research question is in some way relating to mine. The arguments that the authors have given in this article are very resourceful in constructing my project. Additionally, the concept of this article will guide me through my project as it seems to be appealing. As my project aims at determining whether human behaviors have resulted in decreased population of the sea turtles, I find this article useful and relevant to my project since its arguments tends to answer my research question because it has identified the present situation of the population of sea turtles and has recommended intervening measures that will ensure China’s effective management of sea turtles. The evidences and data in the article will help to back up the arguments in my project.