Free Argumentative Essay Topics for High School & College

Argumentative essay writing is a crucial skill for every student. As a college student, you need to find a “controversial” or “gray-area” topic to argue against or for. Your argumentative essay should include deeply researched facts that will support your claims.

Argumentative Essay Topics for College
  • What is the ideal age for obtaining the right to vote?
  • Are mobile phones really making people anti-social?
  • Why technology-aided learning should be a standard.
  • Is socialism bad or have we never implemented it right?
  • Equal opportunity or equity: Which one and why?
  • Reasons why the modern political structure is ready for a change.
  • Money won’t give you happiness in life.
  • We are living in the best era so far.
  • The ruling elite should be held accountable in greater measure.
Argumentative Essay Topics for High School
  • Are digital technologies a good thing for children?
  • Is celebrity culture good or bad & why?
  • Is there really a wage gap between men and women?
  • Should countries get involved in military conflicts around the world?
  • Is global warming really an issue & how?
  • What are the effects of sexual education on students?
  • Is migration good for the US and in what way?
  • Should citizens have the right to own guns?
  • Should sexual minorities have their own public bathrooms?
  • Is traditional public education outdated and ready for an overhaul?