Free Conflict Essay Idea Topics

The majority of conflict essay topics are dealing with challenging subjects like armed conflicts, crises, workplace issues, student debts, bullying, and more. The purpose is to identify a conflict, turn to an existing case study, and provide sources that will support an argument. Here are some conflict essay ideas that you should consider:

  • The religious constituent of conflict between Israel and Palestine.
  • The role of mediation in multicultural conflicts.
  • Parents and teens conflict: psychology vs physiology.
  • How do NGOs impact the human rights of females in India?
  • Covid-19 and Alitalia workplace conflict.
  • Konrad Lorenz and his theory of violence and conflict.
  • Peaceful conflict resolution: Gandhi vs Tolstoy.
  • Johan Galtung and Norwegian approach to world conflicts.
  • Social media conflicts: where do we cross the line?
  • An ethical side of religious conflicts and politics.