Higgs Boson’s Differences between Experimentalists and Theorists Free Essay

The psychological aspects of searching for the Higgs Boson are differing between theorists and experimentalists in various ways. The experimentalists, in their effort to search for the Higgs Boson, considered building a big machine called, the Large Hadron Collider (Particle Fever, 2019). Experimentalists considered running experiments, analyzing data as well as trying to discover things such as the new particles. Essentially, the psychological aspect of the experimentalist was to discover things. For the theorists, they focused on constructing theories that attempt to explain everything that we are seeing in nature (Particle Fever, 2019). Essentially, the psychological aspect of theorists is to explain everything in nature and particularly, Higgs Boson and how it came to exist. The difference here is that experimentalists focus on conducting experiments to discover the Higgs Boson whereas the theorists explain how it came to existence so that we can have a better understanding. 

The stereotype is based on theorists such as Einstein who are very elite, mathematical as well as abstract. But theorists still require experimentalists to assist them in designing experiments so that they provide feedback and refer them in the right direction. Differences arise between the timescales of the two sides (Particle Fever, 2019). Theorist is quite flexible and can make changes to their theories all over a sudden within a span of minutes and rewrite their theories whereas experimentalists work on their experiments for many years to prove the theory. 

Psychological aspects 

The psychological aspect of experimentalists is to discover things. For example, at minute 7, David Kaplan claims that in particle physics we have a brink level of intelligence (Particle Fever, 2019). Though the things differentiating scientists is basically their artistic capacity to determine a good idea, what is worth spending time on as well as what is the problem that is very interesting but has not been addressing and needs to be addressed now. The essence is discovering things and addressing problems. People are eager to get enlightened by the LHC experiment an outstanding experiment that has never happened. People are curious to learn what has been discovered through the experiment which has all the superlatives justified with an accurate hype. Approximately 3000 people have been grouped to work together in the experiment with the aim of understanding from a distance what is going on (Particle Fever, 2019). 

The psychological aspect of theorists is to explain everything in nature and particularly, Higgs Boson and how it came to exist. For example, at minute 43, Nima says that as from the mid-1970s, they have had an incredible effective theory of nature referred to as the Standard Model of particle physics (Particle Fever, 2019). Thought the theory is challenging with glaring conceptual issues that impacted fantastic explanation and understanding of why the Universe is big, the reason as to why gravity is weaker than other forces. The kinds of explanations given to these questions provided by this theory are somehow absurd such that they think there is something very big that they are missing (Particle Fever, 2019). Moreover, there is a significant prediction made this theory which makes internal theoretical sense and it is referred to as the Higgs particle. It predicted that the Higgs particle has to show up and if it does not, then something is completely wrong with physics. Essentially, theorists do not run short of ideas. 

Impact of psychological aspects of the scientists’ social relations 

The differences in the psychological aspects of the search affect the scientists’ social relations by creating interdependence among experimentalists and theorist scientists. This creates a sense of collaboration between experimentalists and the theorists since, the psychological aspect of the experimentalist is to discover things while for the psychological aspect of the theorists is to explain everything in nature and particularly, Higgs Boson and how it came to exist (Particle Fever, 2019). By the two collaborating, the experimentalists are able to test the theories in their experiments. This is important in creating a better understanding because the experiment discovers something new whereas the theory explains it. 

Ziman’s idea

Ziman’s idea is that the average scientist is known for just common sense and experience and there is no need to worry about their foundation of scientific knowledge. He considers the scientific argument not to be too complex or logically appropriate (Ziman, 1980, p. 4). This helps us to see that experiments are very important in getting to have a better understanding of a phenomenon. We might tend to overlook experiments and only rely on theories alone. Therefore, Ziman enlightens us that the best way to understand science is through experience and common sense which can be achieved through experiments.