Dory Spear Artifact In Ancient Greece Free Essay

Dory spear is a very important artifact that used to be the main armament of warriors during the Ancient Greece. Homer attested this spear meaning wood. This spear is long and made of wood and a sharp tip made of metal. Literally, spear was mainly used by the military during war. Dory spear actually symbolized military power and is considered to be more important and dangerous than a sword. The spear is 3 meters long and 5 centimeter in diameter (Murray, Sands, & O’ROARK, 2011). This spear still exists in our society and remains to be considered as a symbol of power. Dory spear is highly respected artifact in my community. Its presence is highly valued and appreciated by everyone in the society. Originally, this artifact was used and is still being used for hunting and in self-defense. In the past, dory weapon was used as an armament by warriors to protect the community during wars or conflicts.

The users of the dory spear are mostly adults and especially men. This is a weapon that is used by men for self-defense. Essentially, men are considered in our society to be the providers and as also in charge of protecting their families. Therefore, it is essentially that every man to have this spear in their homes to use it in protecting their families (Murray et al., 2011). Possessing this spear earns the individual an added advantage to be respected and highly valued. Therefore, this dory spear is highly valued and is a very important in our society. Essentially, this artifact is helped me a lot in discovering and understanding our culture. It gave me a better understanding on the importance of valuing cultural artifacts.