Choosing a Social Work Degree at UT Arlington and Vision

At an individual level, I consider social work as a rewarding and pertinent discipline which trains individuals to be sufficient helpers of the communities’ wellbeing. It enables a person to be able to create a positive influence on the lives of folks in the society, it offers a variety of professional roles, provides one with opportunities of new daily experiences as different social works are bound to arise, getting a degree in the field portends head start in starting salaries, many employers value skills that are gained in the study of social work and the skills are applicable and transferrable to many other field areas (“Bachelor of Social Work Program – School of Social Work – UT Arlington,” n.d.). The profession of social work provides a person with a chance to effect a positive social change in policies and other serendipities in the line of duty. This paper discusses the reason for the choice of social work degree particularly in UT Arlington and the desired accomplishments.

The degree in this field offered at UT Arlington is affordable and accredited besides the university being reputable in academics. The curricular is flexible and convenient since an individual can either opt for either full or part-time lectures. It boosts an individual’s teamwork ability and correlation since UT Arlington provides an opportunity to commence and finish the course as a group (“Admissions – School of Social Work – UT Arlington,” n.d.). I hope to specialize in child advocacy and child care so that I can ensure that children’s rights are adhered to, they are properly catered for and that every parent becomes responsible. I believe that to effect any social change, we must begin by emancipating the young generation and ensuring that they obtain the best of services so that their unbridled passion to achieve the best in life is unhindered. This desideratum was inspired by the upbringing that I was accorded which I hope to see every child get too.

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