Free Sample Essay On The Tea Party

The Tea Party association is a political association started the year 2009 opposing disproportionate taxation as well as government intercession within the private segment. (TEA = Taxed Enough Already). This movement clearly explained how the government is changing stuff and how badly people are against (Champagne, Harpham & Casellas 112). Within no time the tea party began to appear all around the United States with the help of social media and the party’s first major move was nationwide series of rallies on April 15, 2009, which gained national attention. There were thousands of people to represent the tea party but i personally think that the movement clearly lacked a leader. During 2010 midterm elections tens of tea party affiliated candidates won the Republican nominations for U.S Senate (Champagne, Harpham & Casellas 115). To be honest the most significant recent development in the United States politics is the emergence of the tea party. This association began with protests that were against the factors of current policy and they are; Excessive taxation and special privilege.

Apart from tax concept, the tea party movement had also revealed the liberal agenda as well as its vital association with the fallings of top level education within America. Back in 2009 the tea party Republicans opposed government growth and taxes. The tea Republicans opposed emergency economic stabilization act of 2008 (Champagne, Harpham & Casellas 129). But as of 2016, the tea party movement became largely non-existent and no organizations are holding protests. But it is still a great achievement in American history, with no background just Republican people started rallies, created impact on people and winning several senate seats is just amazing.

I would advise the Tea party to launch their own party rather than joining the republican. Even though the republican and the Tea party share some characteristics as they tend to criticize the ruling government while revealing the injustices and underperformance by the democrat party, the Tea party is a quite different and unique. In essence, the Tea party is comprised of a certain group of representative who are highly educated, have high household income and never attend political rallies nor donate to any political group. Unlike the republican, they tend to be more angry, pessimists about their country as well as more negative towards the president in power as compared to other party Americans identifying themselves Tea Party Movement members (Champagne, Harpham & Casellas 133). This makes a big difference between them and the republic and therefore it would be appropriate for them to establish their own political party.

As an independent party, the Tea party would gain a competitive advantage in a state such as Texas. Texas is a state that considers itself alienated from the United States political system. Therefore since the Tea party stands and advocate for the underrepresented groups while criticizing the government on what it has failed to achieve, the Tea party will be highly accepted and gain more back up in Texas (Champagne, Harpham & Casellas 140). Since this party is geared towards directing the government to the right direction, Texas people will fall in love with this party.

I think it is important that the United States have more than two competitive political parties. This is important in keeping the ruling party on track and directing it towards the right direction. Having more than two political parties gives the opposition side an added advantage and power to control the ruling party and keep them on track to deliver to the people effectively.