Vehicle to vehicle (V2V) Using 5G Free Essay

Apart from me, who else enjoys the convenience of the Internet of Things? Did you know that almost 90 percent of our day to day life activities today are assisted by technology precisely through internet connectivity? I know because I have experienced it. My name is John, a student at Loyola. I major in electrical engineering, level three year 2018/2019. I participated in a research project about “V2V Using 5G” for my coursework. I collaborated with my fellow student, Joe who is also my friend to undertake this project. We obtained timely and adequate support and guidance from our faculty mentor, Professor Don Gallagher. His guidance through the project was significant that it ensured the success of this research. I made a significant contribution to this project since I took part in the major tasks in this project. In this research project, I took an active participation in carrying out literature review regarding the research topic, “V2V (vehicle-to-vehicle) Using 5G”. I collected important information from previous research done from the literature review session that we used in analyzing and framing our research.  I also when to the field to conduct interviews with relevant organizations connected with our topic and also the public in order to collect information that would facilitate the research.

There have been a lot of traffic accidents occurring every day leading to several deaths. Also, traffic jams and disorganization has been a bigger challenge in major cities. It is, therefore, significant to consider an effective intervention for these issues. Given that technology, precisely the internet has played a significant role in solving a number of human issues. We sought to focus on the significance implementation of V2V Using 5G as an intervention measure to this issues, therefore, leading to the research question, how efficient and reliable is V2V Using 5G in controlling traffic in our roads?