To Live in Texas or Not Free Essay


Texas is a big state in the United States. It is a warm state with an expounding job market, having cities developing rapidly and composed of humble people. In possession of diverse natural resources, this state is a main industrial and agricultural state (Braman, 42). Texas has a large land coverage leading other states in possession of livestock, oil, and general agriculture. Based on the resources and opportunities that Texas State has, it has influenced people’s choice of whether to live in Texas or not over living in other states in the United States. Therefore, this paper discusses the reasons that make people to prefer living in Texas or prefer not living in Texas over other states in the United States.

Choosing to live in Texas

Affordability and Job opportunities

People prefer to go to live in Texas due to the low living costs as compared to the United States average cost of living. Texas does not have the individual income tax as well as corporate income tax and inheritance tax (Braman, 13). Literally, property taxes are quite higher though generally, it is a low tax state. This attracts a lot of people since due to since life is easy due to the low cost of living making it easy for people to survive. Also due to the absence of personal income tax, it enables people to earn a high amount of salary thus enabling them to live comfortably and as well be able to invest and make savings. Moreover, the unemployment rate is minimal in Texas which is low compared to the national average rate (Braman, 21). This attracts unemployed youths and adults to move into Texas to secure a job since the state has more job opportunities. Therefore, moving to live in Texas is convenient for both people with families or without families. Additionally, a number of factors have to be considered when choosing a favorable pace to live in. The type of home that a person can afford to purchase and live in is one of the aspects to consider when choosing where to settle. House prices in other states precisely Manhattan have their prices being more than $ 1 million (Braman, 22).This is quite expensive an unaffordable for several struggling families. In Texas, it is quite simple since home prices are quite affordable and reliable.

Natural beauty

Americans tend to consider the natural aesthetic condition of a place for them to settle in. For Texas, it has a number of natural beauties that its residents enjoy. Among these Texas beauties are; Palo Duro Canyon, Big Thicket National Preserve, and the Enchanted Rock State Natural Area (Balfour et al., 74). Such natural beauties are good for the entire family enjoyment. Since people like to enjoy life and undertake some explorative adventures, they choose to live in Texas because of the presence of these natural beauties since they make their life convenient.

Extraordinary barbeque treats

Texas is famous worldwide for its incredible barbeque. Texas barbecue, Mexican fare, and just about any other imaginable style is found at least in the major metropolitan areas, where well over half of the people live (Krause et al., 99). This makes Texas a favorable place for all groups of people; be it the aged, families with or without children, the youth or the retired people to live in so as to experience the great taste and convince of the Texas barbeque treat. For this reason, people choose to live in Texas instead of living in other states so as to enjoy the barbeque treat conveniently. Moreover, Texas has a lot of restaurants to serve the entire Texas population efficiently. With regards to Texas Monthly, Franklin Barbeque based in Austin is one of Texas’ best barbeque shops. With such reputable barbeque shops, it attracts people to move and live in Texas in order to experience their treat on a daily basis.

Higher Education

People with families prefer living in areas with a good education system for their children’s sake. People choose to go to live in Texas because generally, it has a good education system although they vary. Texas has several good and reputable universities, many of which are relatively inexpensive and quite affordable. In essence, Texas has universities and colleges exceeding two hundred in number attracting a lot of students to choose to pursue their higher education in Texas. In essence, some of Texas’ top higher education facilities are; University of Texas, Rice University and Texas A&M amongst others (Krause et al., 45). These universities provide an opportunity to pursue high education, therefore, making students choose to live in Texas so as to achieve their individual academic goals by studying in one of these universities.


People, especially the middle-aged, are attracted to areas experiencing a rapid development since they open up opportunities for them. Texas being a fast developing state, people choose to live in this state in order to reap the opportunities and advantages that Texas’ rapid development presents to them. Development activities are very many in Texas (Ashar, 12). The top-notch constructions and infrastructures in the state create a feeling and sense of prosperity. For instance, in the 2008–2009 recessions, Texas fared much better than most other states. With regards to the United States Census Bureau, the state has a high number of cities with the fastest rate of development with the shifting United States population (Ashar, 16). Texas has five fastest growing cities among the ranked United States fast-developing cities.  Georgetown in Texas is the largest developing city. This explains the high population in this area as many people to live in this city.


Another incredible aspect attributed to Texas is the sunshine. Texas holds several outdoor entertainments such as football and food trucks amongst other outdoor entertainment activities. on average, it has two hundred and thirty two days annually of sunny days and slight winters therefore having extra time for enjoying the activities which are reserved for summer months in other states (Kenney and Doucet, 39). Such weather conditions are favorable for diverse groups of people including the retired, middle age people, people with or without families and the youths for their entertainment and fun. These people tend to choose to live in Texas due to the favorable weather condition that enables them to have fun more often and as well live in harmony without any nasty interruption out of natural calamities. It is mostly sunny in Texas. Also hot for much of the year, but see the next item. Texas does not have tornadoes in the North although they are worse in Oklahoma and Kansas and Hurricanes in the South although they are generally worse in Louisiana and Florida and flooding in low lying areas (Kenney and Doucet, 42). But earthquakes are rare and minor, there is not much snow in winter, and we do not tend to have many bad forest fires compared with some Western states. This makes Texas a safe place for people to live since it is free from natural disasters and calamities, therefore, attracting people to move to live in this place.

Not choosing to live in Texas

Inefficient services for the elderly and the poor

Texas lacks enough services and initiatives to support the poor and the elder. Other states have prioritized the poor and the elderly by being concerned about their welfare through the implementation of initiatives to support them and as well build facilities to house them and provide basic social amenities to them (Ashar, 17). Since Texas lacks such enough services to promote the elderly and the poor’s wellbeing, it discourages the elderly and the poor from moving to live in Texas. They will choose not to live in Texas and instead live in other states with adequate services for the elderly and the poor.

Lack of electric choice

Unlike Texas, other states have open electric competition. The people in these states have the opportunity to choose their electricity supplier based on their preference (Krause et al., 99). These have raised a lot of competition in the electricity market thus leading to better electricity plans and services which are very affordable. Since Texas lacks this, electricity is expensive and the service provider is relatively poor therefore making people choose not to live in Texas. People prefer living in states that give them the power to choose electricity suppliers at their own convenience.

The gun culture

Texas is well known that its residents almost everybody possess a gun. It is a culture in Texas to possess a gun unlike other states which possession of guns is highly controlled and possession of an illegal and unlicensed gun is highly prohibited (Balfour et al., 66). Places with practicing gun culture are considered to be highly dangerous. Therefore people especially those with families and the aged choose not to live in Texas since they feel insecure due to the gun culture.


To sum up, Texas is a beautiful and well-developed state that everyone would wish to live in. The environment, nature and the weather are very favorable over other states. Texas has proven to have all the needs that meet the requirements of the retired people, young people, middle-aged people, and people with or without families. With all the aspects mentioned above, it is vivid that it is significant to choose to live in Texas in order to live a prosperous life and a life of your dream.