Human Resource Staffing Plan for a Growing Business Free Essay

For scenario 1, the company is expanding at a high rate, with the recent contract to build and supply surveillance cameras in our home state; the company needs to increase its staff from 170 employees to about 183 employees. As the human resource manager, therefore, I am responsible for the hiring and coming up with a staffing plan for our company. Gap analysis and knowledge, skill, and abilities (KCAs) are the two staffing models to be applied when hiring (Fu, & Fitzgerald. 2014).

Gap analysis involves comparing the company’s vision and mission to the current employees (Fu, & Fitzgerald. 2014). This will serve as a guide to assist in knowing the number of employees needed the capabilities and experience of the employees to be hired and their payment in regards to the working hours. It also helps in knowing whether to outsource or promote the current employees to the required positions. Gap analysis also plays a big role in keeping the inventory for employees who can be referred to in the future and also assist in forecasting staffing levels (Fu, & Fitzgerald. 2014). The difference between the current workforce and the projected workforce results in a gap. This gap can assist the company in restructuring its workforce and hiring strategies for example entry-level requirements and the introduction of career development programs.

Among the two, the most efficient model for scenario one would be the KSA’s. The reason I feel that is the best suit staffing model is that it allows me as a human resource manager to meet the needs of the new goal (Fu, & Fitzgerald. 2014). The required professional for success and productivity must have the knowledge, skills, and ability to perform. This means that during the selection, recruitment and training the human resource manager I will have to ensure that the specified have the skills and knowledge to carry out the task as all gaps are required to do so (Bailey, Mankin, Kelliher, et al. 2018). The roles that the new employees are to take up are expected to commence in a very short time span, and thus it is necessary that the two are fully equipped within the shortest time possible. If possible the new employees will only be absorbed into the company if they have the skills and the experience. The advantage with this is that it reduces the training expenses (Bailey, Mankin, Kelliher, et al. 2018).

However, the integration of the different models will be of great use to the company for its continued progress. This means that the organization will be in a position to take up any flexibility that may arise. After carrying the contract on the neighborhood, it is possible that there will be the identification of various gaps in the job structures. Any of them will mean further training to fully equip the employees for a possible bigger contract that will require them to be more efficient for quality delivery. In case major gaps are identified; the company will have to consider outsourcing. This will involve the process of considering hiring other experts in that field such as a possible serious firm. The main aim is to ensure that the contract is completed in a professional manner and quality of the surveillance camera is achieved in service delivery for the company to be in a position to win the government in offering more contracts outside the company’s home state.

As the operations of the company continue, it is wise for any human resource manager to be aware of the likely occurrence of legal employment issues. The first thing, in this case, is the safety of employees especially the newly recruited who may not be conversant with the job. Proper gear will need to be provided for the sake of their safety while a contract that is suited to the constitution is provided on the measures of payment to employees in case of injury in their line of duty. The second is that there is the likelihood of employees to complain of the newly hired as they believe they should be promoted to those positions or the issue of salaries may arise. In such a case as a human resource manager I will be required to be clear on every job description, the level of education required for each position, the experience needed and the skills that the employee should possess. Despite this there will be a grading system based on employee performance since even with the same skills and educational level, employees have different performance ability.

To identify, analyze and develop job requirements, several tasks must be carried out for perfection. First one needs to identify the right personnel to help in carrying out a job analysis. Understanding the job description, what is required of them and how long it should take to complete it is the second action. The third task is to carry out a job analysis; this will be the detailed research on the duties, and responsibilities that will be handled for every job. This way one can identify the skills, knowledge, and level of experience required for one to handle the task.

After carrying the three tasks, it is easy to develop a job description. However, it is essential to have a note of the most critical task statements to be included (Bratton, & Gold. 2017). Some of them for example for the Office Support Paraprofessional will be to perform day to day tasks in a style that meets the workplace requirements. Every job description one will be required to carry out supervisory responsibilities to their juniors. For the Certified Quality Control Engineer, they must have the right certification before carrying out the task and provide it for verification reasons.

Employees will be required to note that the detailed job descriptions are subject to review based on the requirements of the job (Bratton, & Gold. 2017). This will happen as the company progresses at a time span of three months since the industry is so diverse with an increased rate of technological development.

The company will try its best to retain its employees however in case of employee turnover the company will first seek for a replacement from the students who had internships with the company. Secondly, it will try to work in partnership with institutions to help them in hiring the best to replace the leaving employees. Employees will also be required to give a two months notice before leaving if they need to receive their right. It will also be the norm of the company to promote the junior employees and consider them first before making a replacement for the position. This will be beneficial to the company as it will act as a style to reward the performing employees. As a result of this style of motivation, they will be challenged to perform better and will be comfortable working with the organization (Zahra, Iram, & Naeem. 2014). The advantage of this is that it will also help the company in retaining its human resource other than losing the knowledge they have equipped the staff to benefit other companies (Bratton, & Gold. 2017).