Technology Aid in Learning Free Essay

For me technology is a great aid in learning. Learning has been improved by technology since it enables lecturers and students to share knowledge in an effective and new methods (“Use of Technology in Teaching and Learning,” n.d.). I feel that the use of technology in learning has alleviated the quality of education. I now have the opportunity to access important information instantly throw gadgets like computers. Previously, when carrying out presentations using charts and manila papers in class it, it was hard to retrieved back the presentations for later perusal. Today, presentations are improved by the use of PowerPoint presentations facilitated by the computer which is always available and easy to retrieve the presentation from computer or the lecturer can send it to every student via email for later perusal.

Moreover, new technologies attract the younger generation, it perhaps makes students get interested in learning as they find it being fun. Take a look at the several laptops and mobile phones that students possess today. This facilitate transfer of technology and easy sharing of academic resources among students (“Using Technology as a Learning Tool, Not Just the Cool New Thing,” n.d.). I am so impressed that my laptop which is my mobile library. I do have to go all the way to the library to read, I can access books online in my laptop. Having experienced the significance of technology in my learning, I think that technology has revolutionized learning. Technology has greatly transformed learning by accomplishing tasks and as well easing the transition into the digital world (Paine, 2014). The internet has empowered me through online scholarly research, in fact next week I will be carrying out some research online on an assignment given by my lecturer. Because of its greater significance, I propose that technology should be extensively integrated in learning.