Physical Causes of Drug Addiction Free Sample Essay

For a long time, drug addiction has been a global problem mostly affecting teenagers and youths. Several people have ended up being dependent on various drugs and stimulating medicines which have narcotic effects (Drug addiction. Drugs and their effects on man, 2013). Therefore, there are some reasons that lead people to drug addiction. This paper will discuss the physical causes of drug addiction to people. 

One of the root cause of drug addiction is peer pressure. People associate and interact with different kinds of people who are probably their friends (Darke et al., 2008). Due to the pressure from these friends they have a tendency to give a try to use the drugs from there they get used to it and tend to get dependent on this drugs eventually (Darke et al., 2008). Unemployment is another physical cause of drug addiction. The socioeconomic status of people drives people to get addicted to drugs (Drug addiction. Drugs and their effects on man, 2013). The unemployed people tend to frequently use drugs to help them get occupied to avoid being idle which ultimately leads to addiction.

Drug dependency is found to be caused too when someone is involved in a sports activity encouraging drugs that enhance performance (Drug addiction. Drugs and their effects on man, 2013). Long-term use of these performance enhancing drugs leads to dependency.  Additionally, the availability of money to purchase drugs is another reason that causes addiction (Drug addiction. Drugs and their effects on man, 2013). Having sufficient money enables one to have constant use of drugs which will eventually promote addiction. 

In essence, drug use leads to addiction. People who started to use drugs in their early life have a higher risk of developing an addiction. Nonetheless, drug dependency is caused by different types of physical aspects. Once being addicted, it is difficult to overcome it and poses serious health effects. Therefore, comprehensive treatment is necessary to overcome addiction.