The United States As a Super Power Free Sample Essay

Part 1:

The United States is a superpower country, a world leader that is concerned and managers all aspects of international affairs such as unfair trade and that is why Australia is relying on the United States to protect it from the Asian region influence such as china (Bisley, 2013). Moreover being a world leader has authority over all nations and to add on that, it has pledged to protect other countries from negative influence or oppression, therefore, making it the appropriate country for Australia to seek protection from (Tom, 2007). Additionally, China is superior to Australia therefore Australia do not have the capacity of overcoming China’s dominance and influence, and therefore United States’ intervention would be appropriate in this situation (Tom, 2007).

Part 2

There are reasons that contributed to the USA being the world leader. The USA was in a good shape and was economically strong and did not have debts since it entered the world war late (Mead, 2013). The USA had a stable economy since it had free trade agreements with many countries. Also, the USA has the most powerful and superior military worldwide (Mead, 2013). The USA had access to oil as well as other economic resources; this gave the USA an economic advantage. Access to oil and resources enabled them to raise revenue for their military and also its development which rendered it to be economically stable (Mead, 2013).  Additionally, the USA had a strong alliance and support.

Part 3

As much as President Donald Trump aims at making the United States great again, he has also vowed to protect Australia from China’s exploitative influence through war trade. He has devoted approximately $US 500 billion annually to fund the protection efforts and also to sustain the war trade against China (Letts, 2018). China’s transition and advancement in the production of hi-tech goods have been a major frustration for the United States (Letts, 2018). In my opinion, I feel like President Donald Trump has done little in his protectionism as well as a trade war against China. He should negotiate a regional order with China to restrain from negatively approaching Australia.