Sharing Vision By Storytelling Free Sample Essay

This paper implores the use of “vision as a storytelling” to come up with a personal vision statement by creating a narrative of the outlook of my own life in the next five years, discussing beliefs and specifying personal goals as well as discussing the importance of identification of goals, as well as stumbling blocks towards the achievement of the same.


Sharing vision by storytelling is a technique that individuals and organizations use to develop vision and goals they wish to achieve over a period of time. It entails the creation of a narrative or a sequence of plans and using them to drive a message. It incorporates transformation agenda, which is the act of using facts in an intuitive context so that the individual or group of individuals can be motivated to achieve the best. It is the informed articulation of values and beliefs, giving a glimpse of the future and elucidation of steps one envisions to undertake to achieve the desired outcome in life (Rick, 2012). This paper implores the use of “vision as a storytelling” to come up with a personal vision statement by creating a narrative of the outlook of my own life in the next five years, discussing beliefs and specifying personal goals as well as discussing the importance of identification of goals, as well as stumbling blocks towards the achievement of the same.

My personal vision statement which I have been able to develop through a perspicacious reflection and retrospection is developing a life well-rounded life which entails being a responsible family individual, achieving a successful career, being a lodestar in community development, being a paladin of hope for humanity around myself as well as being environmentally conscious by engaging in environmental conservancy endeavours. We live in a world where wealth, social stratification, and egocentrism have been aggrandized and sanitized at the expense of humanity (“Writing Your Personal Vision,” 2013). I intend to make a change whenever I can by showing the virtues of love, kindness, and concern for any human being and engaging in activities aimed at embracing those individuals consider pariahs and empowering them in the community. I intend to live a responsible family life where my family and children will be able to emulate, as well as use the institution of marriage to make the community around me realize the sacredness and importance of marriage and family.

Within a period of five years, I envisage myself better poised both socially and economically. Socially, I intend to have found a family, probably have had children and have already established myself as a benevolent community member and ensured a cohesive familial and societal relationship between myself and my family. Within this same social aspect, I will be championing the people around me in programs aimed at conserving the environment within our niche, as well as engaging them to help the distressed people, those who are mentally disturbed and making time to visit those who need companionship. Economically, I will have successfully delved into my career, established myself as an ambitious and trustworthy individual within the organization and further engaged myself in other income-generating reputable businesses which will have also created employment for other people around me (“Goal-Setting,” n.d.). The five-year period should be a foundation upon which all my subsequent life endeavours will be based so I intend to make the best out of them.

My core beliefs in life are integrity, kindness, loyalty, commitment, dependability and being open-minded not only to the people around me and to my objectives but essentially to every individual we so happen to meet in life (“Core beliefs and self-acceptance,” n.d.). I desire to always do my best to reinstate the value and worth of humanity. I passionately believe that so much needs to be done to change the current narrative of human beings. However, it goes without saying that people are bound to exploit hospitable and kind individuals like the person I believe I am and will continue to be. To beat the above notion, it is imperative that I make certain changes in my life that include carefully looking at every situation that I will engage in to determine if it is worth my attention and empathy or not. Equally, to achieve that, I need to embrace a religion that is in line with my core beliefs to bolster my efforts. I also need to change my perception of strict engagement and adherence to one career and engage myself in other businesses so as to get empowered.

My specific goals for next year as I gear towards achieving my vision are five-fold. First, I will rally my friends to engage in community awareness campaigns aimed at disseminating information requisite for unity for various purposes. This will help in achieving environmental consciousness among the people. Secondly, the income and savings that I will have accumulated will enable me to build a good house, as well as have a remainder that will be used to set up businesses to aid myself economically. Thirdly, I will use my influence in the organization to encourage my fellow employees to maintain an honest career so as to ensure a reputable organization within the market and efficient services to clients. I will also exhort them to engage in community-building endeavours. Fourthly, I will volunteer my leisure time to help the less fortunate in society by visiting children’s homes and teaching them a few human values (“Goal-Setting,” n.d.). Finally, I will devote my time to religious activities within my environment.

All these goals will play a vital role in the accomplishment of my vision. I will build my financial muscles and make a difference in my environment. There is a need to always tie my vision to any activity that I will engage myself in so that there is no disparity between what I believe in and what I do. The underlying points in my vision are the economic empowerment of myself and the people around me and positive communal and humanistic impacts on every human being. There is a need to embrace grown-up thinking for discernment of what to do and what to not do. My goals should be able to know the consequences of every activity and tie them to long-term goals (“Developing Your Personal Mission and Vision,” n.d.). The acknowledgement of these goals and giving them due attention will ensure that I achieve this vision.

Identification of visions and goals will make them happen. There are two reasons for this assertion. One is that it enables me to have a clear mental picture of how I posit my life will be, it inspires me, it acts as a sinew for personal development as well as ensuring that there is a stepwise procedure for everything that I do so that I do not veer off my vision (“Developing Your Personal Mission and Vision,” n.d.). Secondly, identification also helps me to choose my paths, my friends, and my investments and thus help me gain acceptance of the reality of every failure or success and make me not gratify small successes and forget about what I intend to do. Further, the identification of goals and visions enhances skill and talent development as well as helps manage my career and be a basis for my decision-making.

The achievement of my vision is not, however, a walk in the park. It will be fraught with challenges and shortcomings that only a strong and committed personality that I have will be able to beat (“Writing Your Personal Vision,” 2013). The major stumbling block that will be an impediment to my vision is a lack of support both morally and financially. Different people have different goals and therefore, to make them abandon theirs and embrace mine will need a very strong conviction so that their visions are in tandem with my own and thus be able to win their support. The other stumbling block in the progress is pessimism on the vision due to failures and constraints that I will encounter for example if my business fails to produce whatever income I have planned to get from it, I will ensure that I have strong aplomb and self-effacement character aimed at maintaining a strong vision alignment.