Our Free Sample Essay On My Personal Biases

 My level of personal bias has been so high. I think that my biases are influenced by my culture and race. I tend to be biased in attending to people based on their ethnicity. I usually find it hard to relate to people from a different race. I am a white person and I find other races such as Asians and Africans weird. I have a negative perception of them and therefore I do not like associating with them. I distance myself from them and whenever I have no option but to attend to them, they always come last on my priority list. Another bias that I have is based on the age of the person I am interacting with or attending to. Burhans & Alligood (2010) found that age greatly influences personal biases in health professionals” (p.1689). I am quite choosy when it comes to age. I tend to prefer interacting and attending to young people rather than the elderly. According to me, elderly people tend to be nagging and bossy while around them so that is why I do not like attending to them. I also prefer hanging out with or being around learned people rather than being around illiterate and uneducated people. This is a bias that I cannot hide as it comes out automatically since I cannot stand the attitudes and behaviour of uneducated people. According to Burhans & Alligood (2010) “Treating illiterate people is quite hard, as it involves a lot of explanation or even involving translation for them to understand” (p. 1692). Therefore I tend to prefer those easy in understanding and can communicate efficiently.

With regards to the General Awareness and Attitude Scale, it implies that I am very biased and my level of biases is very strong. According to Burhans & Alligood (2010), “To improve the quality of care in healthcare, it is critical to address the issue of personal biases among health care professionals” (p.1695). The level of my biases is critical and these personal biases need to be addressed. To address this personal biasness in my professional career, I will seek professional help from professionals such as a psychologist who will help me reform my perception and attitude towards other people that will enable me to overcome these personal biases that I have.