Indonesia Versus Australia Free Sample Essay

Part 1:

Indonesia is a large country more than Australia and has grown to be one of the super power countries in Asia, having a dynamic economy as well an increasing strategic potential. Indonesia is currently wealthier than Australia and is more powerful and that makes Indonesia to be more significant to Australia than ever (Patience, 2018). Indonesia has grown to have a strong military and a strong economy which makes Australia to fear this as an adversary and at the same time depend on Indonesia as an ally for security purposes (Patience, 2018). Australia has therefore ensured that it has a strong relation and partnership with Indonesia to ensure its security and economically benefit through their trade partnership.

Part 2

To effectively convert adversaries into allies, Australia has to be strong enough overcome criticism and objection from its existing allies as they will tend to reject some of the adversaries that Australia intends to convert into their allies (Lee, 2012). Australia also needs to overcome the economic challenge by fixing its stagnant economy and its fragile politics to be able to deliver essential services necessary for individual welfare as well as economic growth which the converted adversaries can benefit from it (Lee, 2012). Australia will also have to overcome the differences that existed between them. Australia has to reconcile by establishing a good relation with its adversaries and compensating them with anything they had taken from them.

Part 3

The policy shift to move the Israel embassy by Australia received a lot of objection and criticism from Indonesian politician. Indonesian politicians as well as other heads of states from other countries such as Malaysia have sent warnings in response to Australia’s new stance (“Israeli embassy move,” n.d.). Indonesia rejected this move by claiming that this could subject Australia to threats of being attacked by radicals such as terrorist. Just from the evident concern of Indonesia on Australia, in my view, I think Indonesia is concerned of the risk of losing its trade partner Australia as well as fear of risks of terrorists getting into Indonesia because they are neighboring countries (“Israeli embassy move,” n.d.). Indonesia just wants their relation with Australia to remain in tacked and stable.

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