Why I aspire to be an Army Officer Free Sample Essay

Joining the army has been my ambition since my childhood.  I come from a family that some of my close relatives have joined the army. I have really longed to fulfill this dream of joining the army and I believe this is the right time to fulfill that dream. Joining the army has been a dream for many young boys as they grow up to be the toughest men but for me, I grew up aspiring to join the army for heroic motives by protecting our country, keep peace and as well help other people. My main focus is to join the brotherhood of tough gentlemen who are the most dominating force in the world ever witnessed. Actually, apart from being passionate to join the army, I do have a number of reasons as to why I would like to join the army.

The United States army is a well-paying career and for that reason, many people will aspire to join the army so as to get a huge paycheck. For me, this does not apply to me. I would like to join the army in order to serve the country to my best in all the needs that require military intervention. Given my history of charity and my active volunteering in humanitarian services and initiatives, I find myself fit to join the army whereby I would dedicate myself fully to help people, defend the country and help the country during every situation at all costs. I love my country and I am ready to devote myself to be in the front line to defend my country. I have lived in the United States of America my entire life and so has my family has. I love my family so much and also other citizens and I would want nothing but the best for them. I would like them to live a safe and happy life and to ensure that it happens like so, I aspire to be part of the battalion that will protect them.

Another reason as to why I aspire to join the army is because I believe that joining the army is the best deal for me, especially my wellbeing, behavioral conduct and as well mold me to be a better person. The army offers a lot of training that is very beneficial for young people like me. Joining the army will give me the opportunity to undergo their training which involves a lot of diverse important initiatives that will enhance me to become a better person and as well teach how to cope up with and overcome difficult situations. Military training helps to equip an individual with basic life skills to survive through dangerous and hard circumstances. As a man, I believe that this is essential for me.

Moreover, am a good athlete with an athletic and energetic body that makes me fit to join the army. I have grown up in a Catholic family with Catholic values, participated in various sports activities and also attending a Catholic high school has equipped me to be successive and be able to overcome any kind of challenges that United States army officers go through. Therefore, these are the life experiences that have moulded me to be a perfect candidate to join the army as they have taught me to respect everyone and take orders from above and obey them, have integrity in every circumstance, attend to all my duties fully, encourage team building, be selfless in any way, be loyal, confident and as well be courageous to face any situation. Given all these, I strongly believe that I am fit to qualify to join the army thus raising my aspirations to become an army officer.