My Education Experience Free Sample Essay

In essence, based on this research, does not change the perception of any of my personal experiences and events in my life. I believe that experiences and events that I went through in life were due to my own individual conduct and any achievement that I made was due to my individual efforts (Rubenstein, 2012). The qualitative data that I obtained from the research provide evidence supporting my individual recollections, individual situations, and assumptions for these time periods in my life (Treiman, 2014). I admit that my personal experience was basically influenced and affected by economic, social and political factors. Also, the key indicators that I chose are still the same as those that are at the moment. For instance, academic performance is the key indicator of the quality of education of a school as well as the competence and skills of the students. Literally, I think that there is a connection and relationship that exist between quantitative data, personal recollection and history. However, I think they are not the same thing since personal recollection is in terms of memories while history and quantitative data are based on facts (Treiman, 2014). Therefore, only quantitative data and history are the same and when it comes to capturing data, there is no limit given.

1998 – 1999: Pre-K (pre-school)

I joined pre-k when I was at the age of 6 to begin my education. At first, I was so excited about joining school so as to get to learn and interact with other children. Learning was very incredible and interesting.  I would enjoy being taken to school every morning by my parents like other children but then want to follow my parents back home upon arrival at school. At school, learning was very interesting as it was conducted by caring and friendly teachers. Apart from learning, there were a number of fun activities that we engaged in which made school to be more fun.

2001 -2002

Since I was young, small and not defensive, I was bullied by some students in school. I was subjected to their torture every day such that they made my life miserable during that period.

2000– 2012: elementary school

            The period that I was in elementary school was both interesting and hectic as it was full of challenges. This is the period when I felt like time was dragging itself and I was not making any progress. Learning new things over this period was interesting. Also during this period, I not only got the opportunity to learn but also to interact with diverse students. Unfortunately, in 2002 I experienced bullying from some students who were quite ahead of me at the academic level. This was my most difficult time as I would get bullied a lot and also would sometimes get into fights. In fact, I lost one of my fore teeth due to the fights that I engaged in school.

2013 – 2016: High school

The high school experience was awesome. I joined my first level in high school feeling so determined to study hard in order to fulfil my career objectives. This was the period when I was so determined in making my career goals and as well determine to strive towards them. I wanted to be an electrical engineer, so I made physics and chemistry my majors. I participated in various events during this period such as sports activities like football and contests such as science contests.

2017 – 2018: University

Upon joining the University, I had the most incredible experience to interact with various students from diverse cultures across the world. I moved in to live in the university hostels. During this period is when I learned how to survive on my own without aid from my parents. To meet my personal needs so as to sustain myself in school, I had to secure a part-time job at a certain local cafeteria where I worked as a waiter. Balancing work duties and school activities was a big challenge. This has been straining me a lot and I am still going through this challenge as I am still going on with my studies.

2005 – 2008

I joined a football club and participated in this club for some time. I became so competent in football and participated in various tournaments. These were the most healthy moments in life as they involved a lot of exercises. This event coincided with my stay learning in elementary school. Being a member of a football club made me qualify to join my school’s football team which actually gave me an advantage and raised my reputation at school.

2010 – 2011

Participated in a music club whereby I was engaged in various music contests. I enjoyed singing and joining the music club while in high school was a good idea for me. Our music team was awarded a trophy for topping in the national high school music completion for the year 2011. This was the moment that I can never forget.

1998 -2018 Personal experiences1998 – 2018 Important Historical Events1998 – 2018 Key indicators
2001 -2002: Bullied in school    1998 – 1999: Attended Pre-K schoolDeclined academic performance
2005 – 2008: Participated in a football club and school football team  2000– 2012: attended elementary school  Improved academic performance Awards received
2010 – 2011: Participated in a music club in high school  2013 – 2016: Attended High school  Awards received Improved academic performance
 2017 – 2018: Attended University  High GPA status

Data capturing is limitless.