Slavery & The Creation Of The American Government Free Essay

Slavery and discrimination cloud our minds in the most extraordinary ways, including its linkage with establishment of American government. Over the distance past, numerous concerns about slavery have been posed regarding America’s commitment to liberation. Founding Fathers believed everyone is made equally, which slavery is against it[1]. They came up with a strategic plan to establish the constitution. The constitution as well founded the America government and laws which would guarantee certain fundamental rights to the citizens of America. Slavery was the main driving factor for proclamation of the rule of liberty which led to creation of American government and society including establishment of the Constitution during Declaration of Independence.

Eradicating slavery in America was an uphill task. However, most Founding Fathers relentlessly struggled to ensure that slavery was abolished. They pushed to establish the constitution which would create a government and fundamental laws that would help eliminate slavery[2]. For instance, from George Washington’s first view about the Revolution, his life and letters, even in his presidential administration, we learn that as the free nation is being constructed, he portrays characteristics of statesmanship as he struggled with inhumanity of slavery. After going through a the civil war and serious civil rights movements, he among other Founding Fathers established a system of government that resulted in freedom of all Americans including slaves towards equality.

Like a democracy, ugly scenes of protests, persuasion and controversies emerged as efforts to abolish slavery were made. To address this issue, a government had to be formed. The founding fathers intended to create a government with powers and use it as a weapon against slavery[3]. For instance, in 1784 a draft plan for the government was made by Thomas Jefferson to prohibit western territories from exercising involuntary servitude and slavery as from 1800 onwards. This was a well-staged plan that was successful because the government has power and authority to stop any prohibited activities.

Passing the Constitution ratification successfully was a major concern for the framers of the constitution. They had to mobilize support for the Constitution ratification to be successful. The framers went ahead and made some concessions with those who supported slavery. According to the compromises agreed on included, toleration of slavery in areas where it existed before but not endorse or promote it. Some people supported slavery basically for economic reasons while others strongly condemned it[4]. Even though the framers of the constitution were against slavery, they had to be neutral, and make some lenient agreement with those who support slavery. All these were efforts to push for slavery abolishment and inclusion of government to aid these efforts.

Slaves like any other human being deserved to enjoy basic rights too. Therefore, the Founding Fathers pushed for their inclusion through establishing the constitution and the government. They wanted slaves to obtain protection from both the government and constitution. Slaves were eventually protected[5]. They acquire the Three-fifths clause which earned them more votes in the Electoral College because of extra representation in the House. Slaves were granted freedom and slave trade abolished as well as slave insurrections.

As a solution to abolish slavery, the framers of the Constitution believed that they required support from delegates from the south so as to be able to form a strong government[6]. However, they certain that South Carolina and Georgia will turn down the offer to enter the Union suppose slave trade was prohibited by the constitution. The framers instead, tactfully ignored the issue of slavery and let it pending to be dealt with in the future. Madison noted that the actual interest difference was merely between the southern and northern states and that discrimination is formed by the consequences of institution of slavery.

The constitution created a government that was against slavery. Its main purpose was to do away with slavery instantaneously without the need of altering the constitution. The government was deliberately structured to neither give claim nor declare man as property[7]. Slavery has a wide interrelationship with the government in supporting the splendid structure and functionalities of it. The issue of slavery pushed for the establishment of the government. The government as well was formed to abolish slavery. As a matter fact, a constitutional amendment was made and that was when slavery was abolished but not even a word from the constitution was either amended or erased.

Nonetheless, American government creation raised many concerns. For instance Adam Smith claimed that it was uneconomic to exploit slaves in plantation systems since it was a waste of resources both materially and economically[8]. He further stated that it is cheaper to use free laborers in plantations. However, an invention of cotton gin was introduced by Eli Whitney in 1793 which was more economical but resulted in increased slave labor demand.

Declaration of Independence recognized the urge and need to acquire and protect the certain human rights, therefore the constitution was made and government was also created so as to enforce the constitution. As much as the constitution was available, a government was needed in order to put the constitution in action. The Founding Fathers actually took into consideration the opportunity of integrating Declaration of Independence with the constitution and the government in order to find a solid solution to eradicate slavery[9]. They all had a common interest which is to abolish slavery. They integrated the strategy well without charge of insincerity or hypocrisy being genuinely laid before them.

Unfortunately, the constitution restricted the government from doing anything against those areas where slavery existed before. Politician together with voters came to an agreement that when slavery becomes a national matter government action is permitted[10]. A society embracing slavery was also established by the constitution. This made United States a slave nation especially in southern states who were protected as interest of slavery. The way the government would exercise its powers was differed when it comes to slavery.

Slavery existence was categorized as a strong sectoral of interest and slaveholders were granted more privileges by the constitution. It as well permitted important government action (state and federal) against slavery[11]. It as well established a United States to be a slaveholder nation whose significant drive is to guard and protect slaveholder’s rights and privileges. Slave owner had more opportunities including acts which ease their process to file a claim against a fugitive. This made lives of slave and former slaves miserable making others to opt to flee to other countries like Canada.

 Slavery as well was linked to establishment of society in various ways. As much as slavery was condemned and abolished, there was need to create a conducive and all-inclusive society[12]. Both the government and the people had to cooperate together to reconstruct the broken relationship within the society by promoting equality and admitting former slaves back into the society. Former slaves were allowed to enjoy full rights like other people including ownership of land and right to vote and get represented.

Actually, slavery was the driving factor to American government creation. People who took part in creating the government opted to practically apply the preposition that asserts that all men are created equally by fighting slavery and making it a priority to promote equality among all. It is evident that the Founding Fathers struggled a lot to ensure that slavery was abolished. The problem of slavery called for creation of the government and the constitution. In return, the government was able to abolish slavery. Moreover, the government is found to be in consistent with Founding Fathers’ principle stating that everyone is made same as other people since it fought to abolish slavery and promote equality.

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