Restoration Art tips in a Morgue Free Essay Sample

This paper analyses some tips of restoration art in a morgue to make a decedent look natural.

Preparation of a decedent for viewing is usually not a walk in the park. This is because many times, the mortician had not seen the individual when they were alive or the photo that the family brings could be of the person when they were different from what the cadaver looked like and yet the family wants an almost exact figure (Davis, 2015). Therefore, morticians usually delve into a series of processes of restorative art to try to match the requirements by application of appropriate cosmetics, dressing, hair treatment, or wax restoration amongst others. All the physical body parts are worked on. After the appropriate incisions and stuffing of cotton into openings of the body, the body is massaged with a sponge with soap to enhance drainage and to distribute the applied embalming fluid and then allowed to dry up before proceeding (Gokhale, n.d.). This paper analyses some tips of restoration art in a morgue to make a decedent look natural.

After embalming fluid has been fairly distributed, the trocar button is then used to suction the fluids in the cadaver. Then it is washed thoroughly. The hair is then carefully combed according to the required specifications. Wax could be applied to stick the falling hairs on the body. Further, while some morticians prefer cream for face preservation, the most natural body I viewed had decedent I ever viewed had been applied a cake so as to prevent face dehydration and maintain a natural look (Davis, 2015). In order to also maintain skin colour, a glowing tint is used. The body is then dressed in the attire that the individual liked which can be known from photos they took when alive. However, care should be taken when applying embalming fluid since spillage causes irritation to the body of the embalmer. Formalin which is commonly used usually bears dire health problems including cancer (Gokhale, n.d.). It is imperative for any mortician to ensure that they are clad in the recommended attire at all costs.