Technique Versus Process Free Sample Essay

A process according to craft is the repetitive collective tasks defining and constituting the main idea of the craft object. In craft, a process is the application of different designs combining them to eventually come up with a good craft while a technique is the application of ideas and skills in crafting. The process entails step by step actions while technique entails a set of ideas and skills applied at random stages of craft making. Process appreciates every activity taking place as they interrelate and interdepend on one another. A technique, on the other hand, does not have activities or actions that interdepend on one another.

The process defines the details required during crafting while technique executes the details, skills and design ideas. The process offers an overview of the key aspects required to ensure the quality and objectives of the craft are met. A process needs the implementation of multiple procedures while technique requires the execution of single ideas at a time. A process can be the same and replicate itself through the craft making while a technique is applied only once in a craft when being made.

I think it is important to distinguish between process and technique so as to understand the exact necessities that are required to facilitate a successful craft designed. In my perspective, determining the difference between process and technique helps in organizing the studios, coordinate sales and also self-promotion. Understanding the distinction between process and technique facilitates a smooth transition when making a craft as it avoids confusion thus ensuring that a high-quality craft object is designed with a proper message to convey.

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