Enhance Performance Drinks Market Analysis Free Essay

Target Market Identification

The target market for concentration and cognitive function enhancers

The two drinks that Enhance Performance Drinks Company produces target different market segments in its pursuit to achieve market acceptance. The drink formed by combining caffeine, 1-theanine and piracetam which enhances concentration and cognitive function (thinking) in the human body should target students, ambitious careerists, and entrepreneurs aged 16-40. This is because students require these drugs to give them attention in class, help them have a good memory during their studies and examinations, prevent sleepiness during the day, and also aid them to become sharp thinkers. Ambitious careerists want to achieve more past their academic certificates and are seeking ways in which they can increase their capacity. Entrepreneurs seek to have a higher reasoning capacity, be attentive to every detail in their business and become good planners who are focused and avoid instances where they have to act on impulse. It helps these three groups of people to learn, be creative, and in decision-making. It also helps them to execute ideas (Weller, 2017). This paper is a market analysis of drugs produced for enhancing performance.

The target market for endurance, stamina, and muscle recovery enhancer

The other drink which is formed by combining an electrolyte and amino acid and aims at enhancing endurance, stamina, and muscle recovery will target bodybuilders, sportspersons, and athletes aged between 16 and 40. Bodybuilders require performance-enhancing drugs to improve their stamina and endurance when working out and help their muscles recover after tiring exercises (Weller, 2017). For athletes, they need a boost for extra speed and strength in their athletics likewise to sportspeople; also require a boost in their endurance capacity so that they can remain powerful throughout their sports and athletics. These 3 groups of people also need this drug so that they can use them during exercises in training so that they can endure the hard training that they have to undergo (Dandoy & Gereige, 2012). The choice of the age of 16-40 is because, at these stages, people tend to wish to have extra powers within their fields to achieve more.

Product marketing mix for concentration and cognitive function enhancer


This report proposes the following marketing mix for the drink formed by combining caffeine, 1-theanine and piracetam which enhances concentration and cognitive function. First, extensive market, competitors, and consumer research should be done to create a product which stands out in an energy-drink filled market. EPD should create an attractive package with a logo and a clear message about the benefits, nutritional value, and instructions of the drugs. The package should communicate to the market that the product is branded as produced from naturally derived substances (LaBotz et al., 2016).


The production should ensure that the quality of the product reflects the ingredients used. The product should be priced with regard to the financial ability of students, entrepreneurs, and careerists, where students will be offered a cheaper version of the drug, while the two other groups due to their potential financial capability will be given the finest version of the drug (Murshid et al., 2014). The pricing method chosen is consumer-based pricing. Consumers usually associate high prices with high quality so this price/quality relation should be considered and products priced higher than that of competitors.


The drug will be promoted on social media platforms where students and entrepreneurs usually spend time socializing and looking for markets for their companies. The company will also have individuals for personal selling and in addition, have sales promotions for bonuses and incentives.


Finally, the place where the drug will be sold is a store within a commercial centre where entrepreneurs are likely to inhabit and students are likely to be found (Murshid et al., 2014). Further, an online delivery platform will be used where clients can place orders and they are delivered to them.

Ethical and Legal Influences

Government regulation

The New Zealand government implements a regulation that checks performance enhancement drugs so as to avoid the use of drugs in sports prescribed by the New Zealand Anti-Doping Agency.

Industry code of practice

EPD company should ensure that the specifications of the drugs meet the required standards and conforms to details set by Food Standards Australia New Zealand that ensure that the products are not harmful to people (Administration, 2014).

Ethical concerns

The health issues associated with these drugs are impotence, acne, heart and liver diseases, and steroid rage among others (Pope et al., 2014). The ethical concern is that these drugs may cause unfairness in competition, especially for athletes and sportspersons.