Our Free Sample Essay On gods and goddesses in Ancient Greek Mythology

A long time ago, gods and goddesses ruled the earth and in those times, each species had been assigned a god/goddess to rule over them by the chief god, Zeus. He was the father of Athena, a young goddess who was due to rule the world and other gods now that her Zeus was growing old, as gods lived to 1000 years, and Zeus was almost clocking the 950-year mark. Athena was a beautiful goddess adored by many other gods, and her favourite pet were jaguars, and it was not a surprise that she was found times and again making excursions in a company of a group of jaguars. As her father further aged, succession became a cause célèbre among the gods, especially those who were of the idea that Athena being a goddess, was not supposed to be their chief. Therefore, Zeus was brought up to date on the affairs by his commander-in-chief of the armed gods, and he forthrightly scheduled a mega-meeting of all gods.

On a fateful day, a major celebration was ensured, since it was majorly viewed as a coronation ceremony by most gods. However, to Ares, the god of war, it was the day on which he was to take over from Zeus. He had every reason to believe he was the rightful heir to the throne, given his massive stature that earned him fear from other gods, and fancy from various goddesses besides being also Zeus’s son. He also commanded respect from the species he ruled over, an accomplishment only goddess Athena had managed, “But she is also Zeus’s daughter” he reminded himself. He was among the gods who had been included in the speeches list.

When his time on the rostrum came, he candidly walked and after a few remarks, talked of the topic of the day. He showered praises on the leadership of Zeus and the support he had overtime earned from the rest of the gods. “However, as we are all aware of the norms that have defined us as rules, it is prudent to acknowledge that no goddess has ever been the chief goddess in our history,” he said. “That is no basis, however, to discredit goddess Athena’s rise to the most coveted seat,” he continued. “What has bothered every god in this gathering is her obsession with the Jaguars!” he exclaimed. This became a turning point in the meeting, even though most gods and goddesses were well aware of Athena’s abnormal behaviour, none of them had given it a thought, given the rule that no future god or goddess was supposed to have an overt obsession in anything!

The gods and goddesses were almost equally divided and the meeting almost ended in brawls, were it not for Zeus’s intervention. “Gods and goddesses, we have lived in peace and harmony for long, ruling over all other creatures, and it will be so uncouth of us if we negated all that by fighting over the throne! Let this decision be made by ballot!” He thundered, amid claps and nods of approval from all. Therefore, a one-hour period for quick lobbying was given out, and the voting took place, ending in a tie between Athena and Ares, necessitating a repeat of the poll.

Athena went to consult her pets and in particular the jaguar’s troop leader, who exhorted her to turn half the jaguar species into human beings, and appoint a god as leader over them which will add her one more vote. That was a magnum opus, as it resulted in the breaking of the tie, making Athena the chief goddess! Every god marvelled at her smartness, and those who were diffident of her leadership were once again fervent of her leadership. However, unbeknown to her, human beings reproduced at a higher rate, and within no time, humans had filled the earth. Fortunately, every creature had sworn allegiance to the goddesses’ sovereignty. To bolster and accumulate her powers, goddess Athena gave human beings a higher intellectual capacity than all the other creatures so that they could be able to help her in her quest. It was even rumoured that she had given much intellectual capacity to humans, as she was interested in marrying one of them, and she wanted an equal partner in marriage.