Relationships The Be Sensible Game Free Sample Essay

I have ever been in a problematic relationship whereby I had a girlfriend who was ever jealous of me when I interacted with other female friends. She was always insecure about me. Moreover, she was negative minded and she would take everything negatively. We used to argue day in and day out due to small and unnecessary things. We were never happy due to her misunderstanding and a high degree of jealousy and mistrust. I was never in peace even when I spent some time with my boys as she would keep calling from time to time checking on me and claiming that I must be out on a date with some other girl. Moreover, when watching a movie she would tend to bring up an issue relating the scene in the movie to my actions. This would often kill the good mood and happy time we had and end up urging and being angry at each other. 

The ground rules for the game entail;

  • Trust should be maintained among partners
  • Unnecessary and irrelevant arguments are not allowed
  • Every partner in a relationship requires some essential privacy
  • Partners should be open to one another
  • Loyalty and faithfulness are guaranteed

In the game, my partner keeps being insecure, a problem shooter and nagging. She is so jealous, never trusts me and often breaches my privacy by looking through my phone. Whenever she has something that is worrying her, she keeps it to herself without disclosing it to me. On the other end, I trust her, am always open with her and bring issues to the table that I am uncomfortable with so that we can talk about them soberly. I am always faithful to her and always okay when she hangs out with her friends.

In essence, seeing this issue as a game opens up the mind and helps to bring out the real and actual sense of the events happening. To improve the relationship, trust and being open to each other are important. Personal privacy should be observed and no one should look into another one’s phone without their approval. The unnecessary argument should be avoided and instead talk reasonably together about the pressing issue in concern.