Business Management Plan – Free Sample MEMO

To: FacePay LLP

From: FinTech Accounts

Date: 12/10/2018

Subject: Social Media Plan for Faceplay LLP

With the advancement in technology, businesses today are shifting to online marketing and promotion. The idea of FacePay LLP establishing an extraordinary app to create an interface between Facebook and Paypal’s Venmo is the most incredible thing. Literally, a lot of people have embraced the use of the internet with Facebook a large number of users. Therefore, FacePay’s app that will interface between Facebook and Paypal’s Venmo will probably be effective.

Target group

  • Facebook users are mostly youths which mean the target audience is the youths. Moreover, the youths are found to have mostly embraced the social media. 


  • The company’s prospective and current customers definitely expect quality services, a smooth and easy transition from Facebook Page to Venmo when making payments to FacePay’s products.


  • The company needs to focus on creating a fast and reliable interface that enables one to transact from Facebook without inconveniencing the customers. The customers expect improved services that are reliable, safe and convenient. To meet the expectation of the customers, the company will develop an app that is fast, reliable and very convenient which saves customer’s time. In terms of safety, the company will ensure that the app is installed with strong and reliable safety measures which include internet security software and a strong firewall that cannot be hacked so as to protect the information and transactions of the customers.


The company is prone to various risks:

  • Online fraud. As the company embraces the social media fraternity it is likely to encounter online fraudsters who may steal from the company or from its customers. Also, the company is at risk of getting hacked. This might lead to the theft of useful information from the company.
  • Defamation. The company as well faces the risk of defamation from its competitors and other negative minded individuals who tend to tarnish the company’s name.
  • System failure. The company may face the risks of system failures and inconvenienced transition and interface between Facebook and Venmo suppose a higher number of customers are met exceeding the expected total number of customers thus causing transaction jams.
  • Negative reviews from the Facebook page to be created can also discourage new customers from embracing the app.
  • The popular Twitter users contracted to promote the app may overhype the app exceeding the quality of the app which might be difficult for the company to meet the high expectation of the customers thus discouraging the current and prospective customers.


To mitigate these risks, the company has to:

  • Implement an online security task force to monitor online transactions and as well install internet security systems that are difficult to be bypassed by online fraudsters.
  • Install firewalls in their systems that cannot be hacked by hackers and as well have a regular check on them so as to avoid hacking and as well protect the information of both the company and its customers.
  • Encourage reviews from the recognized and accepted online reviewing companies on the quality of the company’s app and general performance so as to dismiss the unjustified defamation from other competitive companies seeking to tarnish the company’s name. This will help to win the confidence of the customers.
  • Ensure that those promoting the app, such as the contracted popular Twitter users avoid overhyping the app and instead promote the app according to the standards that the company can meet and as well meet the customer expectations.

Next step

The next step is for Faceplay LLP to take into consideration the proposed aspects, raise funds to run the project and then implement the plan.


Director FinTech Accounts