Technology for a Better Social Good

Technology has transformed our lives in various ways. With technology, we have been able to modify our existing environment, prolong our life spans, create a global community by interconnecting societies and well facilitated the exploration of the universe (Lee, n.d.). Nowadays, technology is part of our lives and rely on it in carrying out various activities, especially companies. Technology is of great importance to the human race and therefore, it is essential to use technology for a larger social good. The paper will critically argue the advantages and disadvantages of technology and how it can be exploited in order to benefit the larger social good.

Technology possesses both merits and demerits to its users and the entire environment at large. Technology for instance computers has been greatly embraced by many organizations and relies on it in conducting their daily activities. This technology has eased work and has well cut the cost of production companies (“How Tech Can Maximize Social Impact (SSIR),” n.d.). However, over-reliance on technology can be disastrous to companies. Technology creates and as well shatters job opportunities as it is surrounded by various issues.

With technological development and advancement, people get over-dependent and rely greatly on technology. Actually, creating an essential infrastructure leads to dependence on it. In reality, the world is dependent on technological advancement in information systems such as telephone and computers. Over-reliance on these technologies can be risky, especially for companies. Technology experiences system failures times when least expected hence resulting in social and economic interruptions (CHOUDHURY & BARMAN, 2014). An economic interruption occurs when electronic funds transfer systems, telecommunication services, and other systems blackouts erupt.

            Technology has advanced greatly over time and thus facilitating various computing and communication systems which have however raised major public and private privacy concerns which put companies and individuals at risk. With the efforts adopted by the government to enhance public security against terrorist activities, the government, as well as private data-mining enterprises that do data mining, might expose the company’s data being spilt over which is very risky for companies (CHOUDHURY & BARMAN, 2014). Data mining is done on the computers privately without the owner’s consent on how it is going to be used leaving individuals and companies worried if it might be misused. As a result, consumers tend to lose trust in online companies and communication due to such concerns thus hindering electronic commerce advancement. As a technical strategy to protect the public’s privacy, cryptography would be appropriate though it’s considered to be hindering criminal investigations.

On the other hand, technology can be very important in facilitating companies’ activities in an effort to benefit the entire public. Communication has been enhanced by computers and other communication gadgets replacing the old-fashioned ways of communicating; letters and face to face. They facilitate efficiency in collaborations indulging people in different geographical positions who rarely meet. Communication is effective through these technologies since they are global and offer 24-hour services to various people or companies (Lee, n.d.). This helps to reduce the distance as computers and communication systems connect people from different areas. Employees in companies can work from home without necessarily going to the workplace thus helping in cutting the cost for the company in paying its employees commuting allowances. Therefore, the use of these technologies should be encouraged in order to benefit the greater good as people’s communication will be fast and reliable thus speeding up the business activities which will eventually contribute to improving the country’s economy.

Technology enhances flexibility in places of work and work schedules. It is advantageous for the greater good to exploit the use of telecommuting which makes it easy for people to work at their own preferred time, engage in collaborative work or even have two jobs at the same time (Lee, n.d.). This helps in reducing the rate of joblessness and poverty. Moreover, job seeking and employment are easier since it does not require the employer to change the residence of the employee since the employee can just maintain his previous place of residence. Telecommuting is very significant in increasing job mobility as well as facilitating job satisfaction while minimizing job stress too. Because stress resulting from jobs has been a pressing concern in the health department, increasing the use of this technology benefits the entire public by minimizing the cost of health and mortality rates.

Technology is both good and bad but possesses more benefits to a company and at an individual level. Technological advancements such as computing and computers possess several social and economic effects on the current society, therefore need adequate investigations so as to curb their risks. Nonetheless, it is almost impossible to evade dependence on technology which is significant for social policy. Technology plays a greater role in our day to day lives by transforming our activities. I view technology as being good as well for companies even though it promotes over-reliance but its benefits are valuable to companies. Therefore, technologies in the various field of career should be adopted as they prove beneficial to the greater social good.

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