Emotional Intelligence and Conflict-Resolution Styles In Nursing Research Paper

“The relationship between emotional intelligence competencies and preferred conflict-handling styles.” This is a research critique that explores the research problem, the context of the study problem within the existing knowledge, the relevancy of the study to nursing, and the purpose of the research.

The Research Problem

Jeanne Morrison (2008) noted cases of conflicts and stress in the nursing profession. Many factors were responsible for conflicts and stress in nursing. They included “inadequate salary, a lack of appreciation and fairness, increasing workloads with critical cases, and poor relations with colleagues” (Morrison, 2008). Hence, the need to understand how to handle stress and conflicts in the nursing profession was critical for nurses. Morrison noted that it was impossible to eliminate conflicts and stress at workplaces but observed that learning “essential emotional intelligence (EI) skills could be helpful” (Morrison, 2008).

Study problem within the context of existing knowledge

The researcher related the study problem within the existing knowledge by citing several past studies. Morrison referred to other studies to infer that “poor interpersonal relationships among registered nurses decreased their commitment to an organization” (Morrison, 2008). She argued that registered nurses who could learn interpersonal relations skills would be effective and successful in their careers and personal lives.

Solving a problem relevant to nursing

The researcher observed that there were dynamic changes within the healthcare sector. Thus, the need to understand conflict resolution is imperative for nurses.

The study strived to show that healthcare institutions needed to develop effective conflict resolution mechanisms and equip nurses with conflict resolution skills and EI skills to avert possible challenges in the future.

The purpose of the research

The purpose of this study was to determine if “a relationship exists between emotional intelligence (EI) and preferred conflict-handling styles of registered nurses” (Morrison, 2008). Morrison noted that nurses needed knowledge in EI to handle conflicts and enhance interpersonal relations in healthcare facilities.


Morrison, J. (2008). The relationship between emotional intelligence competencies and preferred conflict-handling styles. Journal of Nursing Management, 16, 974–983.