A Friday Night Family Dinner Free Sample Essay

The sweet aroma from the barbequed chicken was easily palpable from afar. The whole family surrounded the very appetizing grilled chicken. Finn could not wait to have a sumptuous bite of the chicken meat. As they waited for the delicacy to be served, Jane, Finn’s younger sister was given a sweet chocolate to savor. As she took a bite, it reminded her of the old days when they could all enjoy the evening breezy climate and being a young girl, she enjoyed tender cuddles that her mother gave her. It also jogged her memory of how she used to enjoy the bitter taste of lemon. She took a mouthful bite of the chocolate and her joy was evidenced by her glowing and radiant skin.

A glass of a well-matured grapy wine was passed around. Even before one took a sip, the sweet and full-bodied smell of the wine hit your nose. The clicking of glasses filled the air as every member of the family took a mouthful of the drink. It was a perfect dazzling show under the glittering evening in the grandmother’s green and flowered lawns. Indistinct chatters emanating from the small family talk could be heard even from an outsider across the dim fence and coupled with the screeching and herring of evening creatures sounded like a party was on. John caught a glimpse of a twinkling of his father pointing at him across the griller where the yummy food was almost being served.

The grandmother called the attention of everyone and welcomed them to the meal. John was already savoring a chicken breast at hand. He took a fatty piece and slowly chewed the meat. On one hand, he took a scrumptious roasted potato and had a bite. The delectable combination of the two kinds of foods made him mumble as he looks at his sister who was now gleaming as she looked at her brother’s eating skills. She first took the mouthwatering soup in her small plate before carefully ripping a soft piece and started chewing it immediately. The cracking and crunching of bones was a clear indicator of the family’s long history in appetite for food.

John was already biting tender parts and his eyes were already on Jane’s buttery meat across him. As he finished his share of the chicken meat, the clanging and chattering of bones that he had ripped apart were thrown aside. He helped himself to mellow and juicy fruit drink in the fine bottle beside him. As he took continuous mouthfuls of the drink, his gurgling was heard even by his parents who were now bellowing after such a heavy meal. His father then rose and the irregular chattering stopped. John and Jane, being unable to stand the usual talk of their father started grumbling only to gurgle later as their father finished almost immediately after thanking their grandmother for such a sumptuous meal.

As they headed for the car, the dazzling light from the grandmother’s house faded and the dim night darkness had taken over. The chilly weather made Jane’s teeth to begin chattering. Her brother laughed at her amid her grunting.  The biting cold seemed to be one of the things that their father and mother worried about as they held their hands and silently hopped into their car. John was then asked to drive the family through the dark and steep road towards their home. Only Jane’s perfume which smelled like a freshly matured honeysuckle blossom filled the air as the resonant music from the car filled their ears. From afar, the flickering of the gate bulb told them that they were already home.