Barack Obama’s Biography Free Sample Essay


Barack Obama was the United States’ 44th President. He served as a president from 2009 -to 2010. He was born on 4th August 1961. He came from a humble background, brought up by his grandparents (Dyson 1). He struggled through his academic life and his previous as a lawyer before he joined politics and became a senator of Illinois and was later elected as the United States’ president in 2008. Obama is the first African American to serve as the United States president after being elected in 2008 (Alexander and Jaworsky 3). Obama was an enthusiastic and brave leader nothing scares him. He was never afraid to reveal the wrongs that needed to be fixed and he could not hesitate to fix them. Being the President of the United States and as well serving as the world leader, Barack Obama courageously made significant efforts to fight for humanity such as fighting against racism, pushing for national peace and world peace and reconciliation, and as well strive for the provision of better and equitable health care services to all people at an affordable cost. Therefore, this paper discusses Barrack Obama’s biography about how he courageously acknowledges wrongs and the efforts he made to make a difference and push for humanity.

Patient protection and affordable health care

Within the first hundred days in office, Barrack Obama cajoled Congress to extend children’s health care insurance as well as minimise the health care cost and improve the quality of health care offered (Wagner 21). Health care cost in the United States was quite high such that it was unaffordable for some citizens especially the disadvantaged and the poor people. On 23rd March 2010, an act referred to as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act normally referred to as the Obamacare which Obama pushed for was passed by Congress. Obama pushed for this act specifically so as to make sure that each and every American can access affordable health care and insurance by subsidizing meeting a certain income necessity (Wagner 33). This was a move by Obama to create equality between the rich and the poor in terms of access to health care. Obama emphasized that every American despite their social status, has a right to access affordable health insurance. He was never afraid to speak out about the weakness which was underlying the United States healthcare system as well as for the sake of the health and well-being of the people; he pushed for changes to be made within the healthcare system and eventually introduced Obamacare.

Economic growth

Barrack Obama was very concerned with the welfare of mankind. Essentially, the country’s economy determines the welfare of the people. Obama openly revealed the dwindling economy of the country that was posing threats to the people. All that Obama wanted is for the people to live in harmony under a stable economy that does not strain them. He pushed for certain economic policies to be implemented so as to solve the situation (Hughey and Parks 49). The economic policies intended to provide a better life for all Americans and not just to privilege a few as they used to be. According to Hughey and Parks, Obama’s said; “suppose there is any citizen at any place who cannot pay for her medical prescription and is confined to make a choice between paying rent and medicine that definitely leads my life to be poorer, though it is not my grandmother” (52) Therefore, he signed a $787billion impetus bill that would enhance economic growth (Hughey and Parks 52). The bill he signed was the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act which aimed to improving the economic status of the country by promoting economic growth. This act resulted in the generation of several jobs reducing the rate of unemployment as approximately 3.7 million private-sector jobs were generated (Hughey and Parks 53).

Reduced Taxes

Barrack Obama acknowledged that taxes were very high and suppressed small business owners, first time home purchasers, and working families. Obama viewed that high taxation on these people was against humanity since it strains their resources which negatively impacts their wellbeing. Literally, according to Obama imposing high taxes on the disadvantaged people is oppression which is inhuman. Obama then took action to push for the taxation to be minimized for these people (Dyson 14).  Obama wanted to make the United States a better place for everyone and try to create a balance between the rich and the poor by minimizing taxes for the poor.

Environmental Protection

Due to the increasing environmental pollution that was on the rise posing risk to human life, Obama made it a national concern that was critical and needed immediate mitigation. Obama declared environmental protection and conservation an important aspect that every company had to incorporate into their day to day activities (1 The Main Tenets of the Obama Doctrine 5). Additionally, Obama encourages the use of eco-friendly sources of energy by doubling renewable power production from the beginning of his first time. He also issued an order in 2009 to every federal agency to ensure that they minimize their environmental impacts before the year 2020. Having in mind the disastrous consequences of pollution, the biggest concern of Obama was to ensure the safety and good living of the people while also using natural resources in an efficient way that would not compromise the future generation. For instance, Obama imposed a 30% reduction in the usage of fleet gasoline and a 26% increase in water efficacy as goals aimed at achieving minimal environmental impacts for the coming few years (1 The Main Tenets of the Obama Doctrine 6). According to Lasher and Kevin, Obama said; “We need to act, with the knowledge that work will not always be perfect. We should act as we know that our present achievements will be partly accomplished and it will be upon those standing here in the next four, forty or even four hundred years to propagate the timeless spirit once deliberated to us through a spare hall.” Additional, Obama contributed to global environmental protection and conservation by signing the Paris Climate Change Agreement of 2015 (1 The Main Tenets of the Obama Doctrine 7). With regards to this agreement, Barrack Obama devoted himself to joining forces with other countries to address the issue of climate change and environmental pollution.

Women’s legal protection

For a long time, a disparity between men and women has existed not only in the United States but also worldwide. It had been an American culture that women are treated unfairly as compared to men (Obama et al. 851). For instance, when it comes to job recruitment, more men are recruited than women. Only a few women were granted jobs and mostly they were given inferior positions while men occupied superior job positions with good payouts. Women were oppressed, demeaned and underpaid. And when women tried to advocate for higher job ranks and better pay equal to those of men, they were subjected to being fired. There was no legal framework for protecting these women. During his term of service, Obama stepped in to end this oppressive culture against women. Obama pushed for the implementation of a legal framework to protect women who seek equal pay  (Obama et al. 855). Obama believed that both men and women are equal and the act of underpaying women and subjecting them to certain unfair conditions as they seek equal pay is against humanity. Providing a legal framework to protect women was part of the efforts to would further result in reconciliation and the creation of peace among Americans.

Reconciliation and Unity

As the country was going through hard times of divisive issues, Barrack Obama was bold enough to meditate and bring the opposing sides of United States residents together and unite them fully. The division that had emerged among Americans had ended had been bitter. Obama’s mediation and his fostering of reconciliation were very important since they enabled to stop conflicts that were likely to occur  (Obama et al. 862).  Obama travelled across the country giving speeches of the audacity of hope that was stirring and persuasive which were the most effective way of imparting hope and reconciliation among people and as well addressing the modern generation. According to Hurley and Mathew, Obama said; “It is my core belief that we are each other’s keeper and that enables this country to prosper” (61). Obama is known to be a charismatic speaker with his speech full of optimism and he was able to convince Americans to live in harmony as everyone had to be a brother’s keeper to another rather than turning their back on each other. In essence, unity is an important aspect of humanity. Without peace and unity, humanity is compromised. Therefore, Obama shows his boldness by standing in front of both his supporters and those against him to preach peace and reconciliation among them which was eventually effective and accounts for the current prosperity of the United States.

Peace stabilization in warring countries

Obama has been an icon of peace both in the United States and globally. Obama extended his acts of peacekeeping to other warring countries by sending American soldiers to restore peace and order in those countries (Hughey and Parks 46). With regards to foreign policy, Barrack Obama contributed a lot to ending the Iraq war are restoring peace in Iraq. This was a good humanitarian initiative that aided Iraq to restore order and focus on economic development and prosperity as well as ensuring the safety and well-being of its citizens.

Mobilization of international relations

Barrack Obama also carried out a complete refurbishment of the foreign policy of the United States. Obama literally considered improving relations with other European countries, Russia and China to negotiate with Venezuela, Cuba, and Iran. Moreover, Obama mobilized allies supporting the global economic stimulus. Additionally, he sent more than 21,000 soldiers to Afghanistan and then withdrew the United States soldiers out of Iraq in 2010 (Obama 24). However, in more intense incidents, for the sake of peace and safety among sea travellers along the Indian Ocean and the continuous flow of business across the world, Obama ordered the United States troupes to attack the pirates along Somalia’s coastline, and then also prepared the country for a swine flu outbreak (Obama 37). Obama gave an executive order that banned the excessive interrogation methods at the same time ordered the military detention centre located in Guantanamo Bay in Cuba to be closed down within a year. This was a timeframe that was had to meet but was still awarded the Nobel Peace Prize of 2009.

Compassion and care

Obama has led the country through many difficult times. He stood up as a leader in the 2013 Boston Marathon terrorist bombing that resulted in the death of three people and people exceeding two hundred injured and led the nation to express compassion and care for the victims by ordering emergency services to be provided to the victims (Lasher and Sixta Rinehart 863). Moreover, he proved to be more compassionate by physically showing up in person at the memorial service in Boston. According to Lasher and Sixta Rinehart, Obama expressed that “Your country is together with you in this, every one of us shall be with you as you try to get back to your feet and walk again, and I definitely have no doubt about that. You will surely run again because you have demonstrated to us as we encounter evil forces, Americans will always choose what is good and as we face cruelty, Americans will opt for compassion”(869). In essence, compassion is an aspect of humanity that Barrack Obama has demonstrated and also inspires the United States citizens to express compassion to one another, especially during difficult times.

Financial aid for education

At the time he was a senator, Obama was more motivated to support students, especially those from humble backgrounds. Upon being elected as a senator of Illinois, he introduced an act for the Higher Education which is the 2005 Pell Grant Expansion Act commonly referred to as the hope act (Lasher and Sixta Rinehart 871). He introduced this act with the intention of increasing the maximum amount of funds which the federal government offers to every student receiving need-based financial help in colleges. This was to help needy students pay for their school fees and other education-related needs and bills. Literally, in the 1970s and 1980s, almost the whole tuition cost discounting books, room and board costs was catered for by Pell grants (Lasher and Sixta Rinehart 873). Obama believed in education is the key to success and therefore he committed himself to assisting the need to get an equal education like other students.


 To sum up, the former United States president Barrack Obama is a reputable man. He is the man that gave up everything to transform the United States. His reign as the president has a historical significance since he was the first African American who was nominated by a big political party and as well the first African American to win the presidential race in the United States. Obama was not only a leader but an extraordinary leader who fostered change in humanity. Literally, Obama was a facilitator of change. All efforts he put took into consideration the well-being of the United States citizens and were geared toward humanity. However, his true impact, the relevancy and the importance of his presidency are unlikely to be found out for several years.