Negative Impacts of Technology on the Environment and Human Health Free Sample Essay

We have globally made tremendous steps in the field of technology cumulatively. Technology, however, has had catastrophic effects on the human health and the environment. Radiations from computer-based devices and networks, pollution by industries and traveling technologies, use of non-biodegradable materials and energy consumption related effects are just but a few to mention (Tutton,2018). Technology incorporation into products we consume has led to lifestyle diseases. My analysis of the negative impacts of technology on human health and environment is based on current reports on technological advances.

Massive environmental pollution resulting from waste emissions from vehicles, aircraft and ships into air, water and land. Our ecosystem has been altered due to this pollution and in the few years to come, some species will be extinct while some already are. Handling of these wastes has led to rising in communicable and lifestyle diseases (Triassi et al, 2015). With the rise of technology in the field of travel, there has been a massive human loss in case of accidents while noise pollution has led to the loss of hearing. These emissions have contributed to global warming and the depletion of the ozone layer (CPEC’s Environmental Toll, 2018). 

I would recommend the following solutions to avert and mitigate the effects of technology include; innovations on commuter services are requisite to make efficient and environmentally friendly devices and practices, machines in industries need to be releasing fewer wastes, we should embrace biodegradable materials, renewable sources of energy need to be applied and policies that respect for ecosystem need to be put in place. All these are with a view to promote human health and maintain an environmental stability that favors all organisms.

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