Race & Gender Free Sample Essay

Race is definitely an output of biological as well as environment aspects. However, they are not entirely a socially constructed trait. In essence, race is a physical trait obtained from genetics. They are totally biological. For racial differentiation, it originates mainly from diverse geographical locations in which human beings have evolved in for years and has a tendency of being unique to their locations of origin (Smedley & Smedley, 2005). Like the way archeological studies have discovered that the early modern man’s point of origin is Africa and was dark in complexion and as he migrated to other places he evolved and adapted to the new environments and started to take after the physical traits of those environments, social constructed traits only influences race but biological traits  forms race. On the other hand, I think that gender is culturally defined while sex is biologically defined. Gender is socially constructed they are attributed to the contemporary society’s gender roles (Smedley & Smedley, 2005). Gender is a categorization of male and females constructed by the society. Therefore, gender is a socially constructed trait.

In this scenario, the long term employee has a valid point. First he is human and humans do have emotions and tend to have sexual arousal impulses when they see individuals of the opposite sex. Like emotions cannot be controlled, sexual desires, admirations as well as other biological traits cannot be controlled (Smedley & Smedley, 2005). Therefore, it is normal for a man to sexually admire a beautiful woman that they find to be attractive to them. However, in this scenario, gender being socially constructed trait does not apply here. This is because in this scenario it is about sex and not gender and sex is a biological trait.  Therefore, the long-term employees point is actually valid.