Our Free Sample Essay on Peer Review Of Barney’s Paragraph

With regards to the peer review of Barney’s Paragraph, I first determined his main point and then articulated his core writing skills. I realized that the topic sentence is very important and should be well formulated to show the paragraph’s argument as well as make an introduction to the rhetorical analysis factor. Besides that, I have used an analytical perspective to give feedback to Barney’s Paragraph by exploring the explanation made by Barney to determine if the mode of persuasion has been explained efficiently. Moreover, I have applied the core writing skills to determine the areas of strengths and weaknesses of his work.

Based on Barney’s review, I have learned a lot from this peer review. I have significantly improved my capacity of articulating criticisms better. I have also learned that the use of descriptive details is vital since aids in the introduction of the aspects of appeals to logos, ethos, and pathos. I have learned that it is important to include all relevant information that the author has added and further explain each detail in order for the meaning to be understood. Out reviewing Barney’s work, I learned that one should have a perfect definition of the rhetorical tool to be utilized when evaluating articles. I also learned that one loses focus and it makes it hard to follow an argument that is lacking connections between the logos used and the quotes. It is important to have a clear connection and a smooth transition throughout the writing for easy follow-up. Additionally, I learned that a clear indication should be made when rhetorical appeals are existing in the texts being analyzed. In essence, with all these in consideration, these will improve my writing skills significantly.