Research on Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman

This paper analyses with a view of elucidating issues of Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman the veracity of the content depicted in the “13th” as depicted by other sources within the Media Bias Chart.


The 2016 documentary “13th” directed by Ava Duvernay is a historical movie that attempts to give a factual retrospection of historical racial incarcerations in the United States and the way in which it depicts historical racial discriminations. The title of the movie emanates from the American 13th Amendment which despite abolishing slavery gave leeway for servitude for criminals. It delves into the prison population in the US, slavery, civil rights activities, poverty, crime and violence, and US legislation touching on the rights of Black Americans. Based on some of the legislation, Ava avers that modern-day imprisonments are a subtle form of modern slavery. This paper analyses with a view of elucidating issues of Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman the veracity of the content depicted in the “13th” as depicted by other sources within the Media Bias Chart.

In particular, of interest to this paper is the film section between the 46th and the 71st minute where a private group dubbed the American Legislative Exchange Council “ALEC” lobbied for stringent conservative laws which advocate for white supremacy in the notion; of stand your ground in 2005, a law that sees George Zimmerman, a watch guard gets off after killing Trayvon Martin a 17-year-old teenager. This was one of the most unbecoming of the legislation that this nonprofit conservative group advocated which was the basis of the legal acquittal of George Zimmerman in 2012 despite clear evidence of second-degree murder. CBS News agrees that “13th” is particularly good in how they detail the role of ALEC in Trayvon’s case (George Zimmerman Trial & Trayvon Martin Case – CBS News). The documentary clearly outlines the role that was played by legislation that depicted blacks as criminals while acquitting murders because of their skin colour.

CNN uses evidence that was given in Zimmerman’s court case on stalking where his emails and digital footprints including reactions to documentaries about his killing of Trayvon clearly aver that Zimmerman was guilty and should not have been acquitted. Zimmerman harasses and intimidates a private investigator who is probing a documentary covering the murder of Trayvon. In the messages he sends to the investigator, Zimmerman clearly confirms that he indeed killed Trayvon; intentionally (Trayvon Martin Shooting Fast Facts – CNN). In addition, evidence emerged as Zimmerman actioned the gun that he used to kill Trayvon on an online platform, an act which led to a hue and cries prompting the authorities to act (Doroshow). This source is in tandem with the assertions that Ava Duvernay has depicted in her movie where despite existing laws trying to protect blacks, there are leeways that usually lead to racial injustices.

The New York Times, in referring to Zimmerman’s pending misdemeanour stalking case has brought up Trayvon’s murder accounts and their evidence seems to agree with the other sources in this paper. New York Times goes ahead to even video detail Zimmerman in a video he says he bears grudge against Obama, a Black American. It also talks about Zimmerman’s other assault cases in an attempt to show that the 2012 acquittal of Zimmerman did him more harm and good as it made him hubristic towards not only blacks but also other people (Dargis). Using the avalanche of messages and emails given in court, it is clear that Zimmerman enjoyed the protection of the ALEC’s legal creation which led to black injustice. This source gives veracity to what the movie depicted about the law and appeals to the audience to rethink their stand on the whole racism issue.

The Reuters, which is almost at the top of the Media Bias Chart, delves into the implications of ALEC’s draconian legislation not only for companies but also for individuals. In Alec’s stature which involves Zimmerman’s case, the Reuters asserts that this law inhumanly tries to sanitize criminal perpetrators and directly assaults victims. It underscores that this stature provides civil immunity to criminals and strips crime victims of their human and lawful right to access judicial systems and seek justice. The Reuters terms the tort reforms by ALEC as prevention of injured people from justice, and a discriminator based on not only race but also other factors such as gender and age. Reuters unequivocally agrees that Zimmerman’s acquittal was not only wrong but indeed was a direct assault on Trayvon and his family (Doroshow). It decries the various legislations that Americans have been subjected to by ALEC and this gives unprecedented veracity to what has been depicted by Ava Duvernay in her documentary as she covered Trayvon’s case.

In conclusion, “13th” has covered the historical injustices that blacks have undergone in the US. The legislation that has been made in the US in the past have always borne hefty implications on blacks, indicting the blacks as criminals based on their colour, and acquitting whites in clear criminal perpetrations. The movie calls for a redress of the agenda of modern-day slavery and racism that certain laws have had on the black-American populace (Doroshow). Backed by the evidence from the above analysis from reputable and authoritative sources, the movie veraciously elucidates a serious social issue which requires a weighty relook for social justice to be attained.