A Free Sample Essay on Infant Emotions Regulation


Emotions regulation is something that is learned since it is not something that someone is born with. Infants lack emotion regulation skills. Actually, infants’ emotions change and vary from time to time and since they do not have the ability to regulate their own emotions, it is important for parents to help infants to teach them to learn how to self-regulate their own emotions (Gross 3 Chapter 11, Slide 8). This is a critical skill that parents should help infants to learn. In essence, infant emotion regulation refers to teaching infants to learn how to regulate their emotions on their own. Emotion regulation actually entails both internal and external activities involved in starting, sustaining and moderating the occurrence, severity and the way emotions are expressed.


I find this phenomenon to be interesting as it attracts my curiosity about how someone else’s emotions can be regulated by another person. I would like to know if it is possible to regulate an infant’s emotions by the parent and as well get to know the ways in which emotions are regulated. Moreover, another key interest in this phenomenon is to determine how infants perceive and get to learn and understand how to self-regulate their own emotions.


To ensure effective emotional regulation of an infant, it is important that one monitor, identify as well as adapt emotions in an optimal manner based on the circumstances (Gross, 2018). Recent research provides sufficient evidence supporting that parents play a significant role in the development of an infant’s emotional self-regulation in their early stages of development (Gross, 2018). At birth, they do not have emotional arousal. Rather, their emotional arousals are regulated through biological needs as well as the manner in which parents are responding to these needs.

Relate/Follow up

Infant emotion regulation relates to an infant’s regulatory behaviours. This is because both of these phenomena are not developed as the infant grows since it is not acquired through birth. Both of them depend on external influence from the parent to help the infant to develop such kinds of self-regulation (Gross, 2018). However, further research should be conducted to determine how the environment influences the infants learning of emotional self-regulation.