What Messages Are Conveyed in Crafts?

Crafted object conveys various messages in different ways. Every craft is an expression of the maker’s feelings and usually have coded messages. In essence, messages are conveyed in crafted glass objects in form of line textures, form, reflection or density of the material. Mostly, messages in crafted objects are conveyed through paintings. Different colors and thickness in paintings creatively designed to convey a message. Charles Carrillo’s craft conveys a message that there is a story to be told for the audiences. The message itself is that we do not need to have separate religions; we can learn to live together in harmony. One religion is enough to unite the whole world.

Joyce J. Scott a bead artist conveys her messages through jewelry. The jewelry conveys a message of things that are not easily talked about. This message is meant to not to change people but instead change people’s mind.  They try to communicate the political and social institutions and the challenges that people experience in life. Moreover, some of her jewelry communicates that if you get yourself in trouble, you can get yourself out of it.

This message tends to motivate people and give them hope that no matter how things can get hard, they will always eventually find a way to make things better. Joyce has used some of her jewelry to convey her message about racism. It is all about conveying the message in its best form just like music or theory would have done. In essence, the jewelry intends to make us think of how hate leads to racism. Additionally, Tom uses designs to convey a message of romance. The message conveyed is that romance is about love from the heart which is full of life. He used simple objects that people always associate with to convey the message of romance.